6 Effective Tips to Building Your YouTube Channel

Do you have a YouTube channel and in need of more traffic and views on your videos? With over a billion watch hours daily and counting YouTube continues to be a favorite hub for media enthusiasts of all range, age group, and preferences, it’s no secret why many people consider starting their own YouTube channel.

While the platform offers the chance to reach a huge global audience, with the amount of competition on YouTube, getting the desired results can be tasking and simply uploading videos and hoping for the best sadly won’t cut it. To grow your channel, you need to have a clear plan.

This article highlights some practical steps to follow to grow your YouTube channel and increase the views on your video

1. Set Your Goals

What is your goal? Having set out goals from the beginning of your channel will go a long way to guarantee longevity and traffic on your channel. You need to set up the type of content you want to produce, your target audience, do you plan on marketing some products in the future? All these have to be laid out before you upload your first video to attract your target audience properly

2. Come Up with Ideas and Concepts

After your video gadgets and editing software, the next most important thing necessary for building a YouTube channel is ideas.  You can start by penning down the few ideas that you have and subsequently work your way from there to keep adding content to your channel. In a world where being unique seem impossible by the day, you do not necessarily have to invent something or come up with a novel idea; you can improve ideas on the ground by inputting your touch and showcasing another perspective.

3. Keep Your Videos Short

Nobody has all day to spend on a video unless, of course, it a movie; however, if you plan to update your channel regularly; and push out contents that appeal to your viewers, ensure to keep things shore. As a general rule, your videos should range between three to four minutes and shorter if possible. As a newbie to YouTube, regardless of the quality of your content, you’re likely to lose views if your video is too long.

4. Design Appealing Thumbnails

YouTube uses the tags and description of your videos to rank them, so the title and thumbnail of your video go a long way in helping you rank, plus the more appealing they are, the more likely you are to attract a viewers’ eyes.

5. Title and Description

The title and description of your video should make sense to a human being, as much as you’d like to stuff keywords into your title and description, always remember to remain professional and have your audience at heart at all times. Remember that the first two lines of your description will show up in the search results, so make them count.

6. Buy Views

Have you followed all the steps above but still having issues with view and traffic on your channel? Buying YouTube views is another practical way to build your YouTube channel. You can get cheap YouTube views that can translate into subscriptions and ultimately help your channel rank. Buying YouTube views is safe and easy to use and remains the fastest way to build your YouTube channel.

If you want your videos to get tons of views, wand rank high on YouTube, following the steps above is a guaranteed way to achieve that.