Irresistible Hues to Pair Your Coffin Nails With This Season

The life of the modern fashionable lady is never easy. There are so many things to consider when it comes to planning your look, the hair, the makeup, the outfit, and, of course, the accessories. However, jewelry, handbag, and your shoes are not the only accessories to think about. Your nails are on the list too.

NailDesignsJournal has it that coffin nails are the absolute favorite of trendy ladies during the season, and we are not going to argue with that. The truth is that ballerina nails are quite bold, edgy but elegant at the same time and even reserved depending upon the length you choose. Considering all these facts, we assumed that it would be fair to mention which hues are the best matches for the shape. We assure you, no matter your personal style, you will be able to find the design that will represent your taste like nothing else. Read on!

The Most Required Shades for Coffin Nails of the Season

Just before we proceed to the trendy color discussion, it needs to be added that there are two main types of coffin nails. In case you have thought that there is no differentiation between shorter and longer ballerina nails – you have been mistaken.

Short coffins – despite the name, short coffins are not that short after all. Your nail has to be a little longer so that it can be shaped in the necessary form.

Long coffins – anything that goes a little beyond the comfortable over-the-fingertip length is referred to as long ballerina nails, just so you know it.

White Ballerina Nails

If you think that white is too simple of color to stand out on its own, then you haven’t seen it combined with daring coffin shape. The combo is undoubtedly a killer one no matter whether the glossy or matte coat is the one you prefer.

Nude Ballerina Nails

The main idea of nude hues is to keep the nails neat and elegant without taking the manicure over the edge. However, in this case, it is all about the shape, and even neutral colors acquire that unique vibe when paired with the nail shape.

3D Ballerina Nails

It is quite evident that ballerina nails are spacious enough to set your imagination free. However, sometimes sit takes just one element to make the nail design look irresistibly beautiful. The 3D pattern is surely the detail not to treat easily!

Matte Ballerina Nails

Sometimes it is neither about the shape nor about the hue applied to it. It is about the coating. The matte coating has that velvet feel to it that is hard to express in words. You can dress it only in positive impressions.

Ballerina Nails and Accent Nail

It is true that choosing between all the hues that you like is never an easy task. However, even more, difficulties arise when you are supposed to pick between the colors and lovely patterns. Coffin nails give you the advantage of pairing the two since an accent coffin nail is always a masterpiece to look at.


Feature Image by Jana D from Pixabay