6 of the Fittest States in America

The United States isn’t always the first place you think of when the word “fitness” comes to mind. However, plenty of states are on top when it comes to weight loss and a healthy diet.

Since some states are healthier than others, where do you go if you want to up your fitness game? Do you go to sunny California? Or do you pick states that are known for outdoor recreation, like Colorado? Here are some of the fittest spots in the United States.


For a state with a history of rich foods and deep culture, Hawaii still reigns as one of the fittest states in the country. Some of the beneficial effects of living in Hawaii include easy access to water, plenty of outdoor recreation, and a love of physical activity. Plus, it’s easy to get outside since the weather across the state remains fairly temperate year-round. While you can’t necessarily rely on traditional Hawaiian staple foods to keep your blood pressure down and your energy balance in check, you can incorporate foods like poke into your meal plan to satisfy your appetite without packing on the pounds.


One of the oldest states in America, Massachusetts is known for having tons of gyms and love of locally-sourced foods. If medi-weightloss is on your radar, this could be the state for you. It’s a great place to take a more holistic approach to health and well-being. Plus, if you’re trying to hit a goal weight or build some skeletal muscle, the sheer number of workout facilities should be a no-brainer.


If you love the mountains, you’ll adore colorado. Not only does the state have plenty of outdoor activities, but it also hosts a variety of weight loss clinics. In fact, if you simply Google “weight loss clinic near me” while you’re in Colorado, you’ll have no problem finding a medical weight loss clinic. Plus, you may even find a medical weight loss clinic program that offers a clinical trial. It’s a win-win.


Like Colorado, Montana is well-known for its beautiful locales, scenic vistas, and an endless supply of outdoor recreation. The open-air is great for individuals with medical conditions or a higher BMI. Many individuals in Montana spend time outdoors every single day. Whether you need a hiking buddy or you’re looking to go camping, you’ll be in good company.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire remains fairly fit due to the high number of healthcare facilities per capita. Whether you’re looking for an appetite suppressant, assistance with your insulin resistance and glucose uptake, or an AMPK activator, you’re bound to find a facility that can assist you throughout the length of your program. Plus, if you enjoy winter sports, you’ll love the colder months.


Fishers, campers, and backpackers rejoice: Idaho is the state for you. Trying to lower your body mass index? Looking to build some muscle? Love the great outdoors? You’re going to have no shortage of things to do in Idaho. On top of that, the state has enacted numerous policy measures to combat obesity and improve the energy balance of residents.

Of course, you don’t need to move to one of these states to stay fit. You can visit a medical weight loss clinic to participate in a clinical trial. You could give your email address to a supplement manufacturer or medical team to try new products. You could even talk to your doctor about common topics like medications, cell growth, insulin sensitivity, and your cardiac glucose uptake. If you choose to take products like an AMP-activated protein kinase or an insulin resistance supplement, always look out for serious side effects and let your doctor know.

Staying fit is a state of mind, not a physical place. So what are you going to do about it?