How Should the Next US President Approach Immigration?

One of the key reasons Donald Trump was chosen as the American President, was his stance on immigration. From his infamous plans to build a huge wall across the Mexican border, to banning Muslims from entering the country; the president has had some pretty controversial plans to tackle the immigration crisis.

However, many of these plans have failed to come to fruition. Now, as he prepares to run for a second term in office, immigration has once again been dubbed as one of his key issues. So, how has the Trump administration failed on immigration so far and how should the next US president tackle the issue?

The Mexican Wall

The most significant plan Trump had to tackle what he referred to as an immigration crisis at Mexico’s border, was to build a huge wall. While a seemingly ambitious plan, his backers got on board and it’s a large reason behind why he got elected. However, fast-forward a few years and most of the wall remains unbuilt.

The cost of building the wall has been Trump’s major issue. He needs $5.7 billion to complete the wall and understandably Democrats are reluctant to give such a huge amount, branding it a waste of taxpayer’s money. It even led to the biggest government shutdown for 35 days over December and January 2018/2019. Very little has been done since to get the funding required.

The ban on Muslims traveling to America

In 2017, Trump also introduced another major controversial immigration policy. Muslims traveling from specific countries were banned in America. The Supreme Court withheld the ruling, and it’s caused a lot of issues ever since.

Families have been separated, American Muslims have been angered and there has even been disgust worldwide. While the ban remains in place, it has opened up doors for American Muslims to rally, protest and reveal better ways to overcome the immigration issue.

What could be done to tackle the issue?

The next US President has a lot of work to do to undo the so far failed immigration control attempts. Figuring out an effective border control method would be key. Reassessing the ban on Muslim travelers is also needed. Those are affected by the laws put in place should also consult the services of immigration lawyers.

Immigration may be a significant issue in the United States. However, the Trump Administration has done little to combat the issue despite huge promises. The next US President will have a lot of work to do in order to tackle the issue once and for all.