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To accelerate success, ignore conventional approaches, says Carl Gould

Hailing from Passaic, New Jersey, Carl Gould is a renowned author, entrepreneur, business consultant and corporate strategist. Entrepreneurs of today face a myriad of challenges during various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Irrespective of the scale of operations, the fundamental principles of growth and expansion remain unchanged. Carl Gould has made it his life’s purpose to help businesses understand, evolve, and transcend these challenges, and reach their maximum potential.

In 2002, Carl Gould founded “7 Stage Advisors” which specializes in business consultation, advisory services, and entrepreneurial coaching, where the primary objective is to help businesses fortify their strengths and analyze their weaknesses effectively. Systematic solutions are then formulated based on the type of issues which need to be addressed. Carl further elaborated on its importance, “Facing challenges is something every business goes through, the key difference is how you choose to tackle it. Traditional or conventional solutions will yield predictable results but embracing an unconventional approach and taking a risk may often end up being far more rewarding.”

Carl Gould

Carl had successfully established a business in the realm of construction, though he later sold it so that he could pursue his passion, which is to help other businesses grow and evolve. When his business was sold, the buyer wanted to change the company name. Since Carl had put in several years’ worth of time, effort, and money into building a strong reputation, he decided to approach the problem with an unconventional solution. Rather than asking the buyer to gauge the monetary value of his brand, he made a deal so that he would receive 10% of any business transactions that come through his old phone numbers. In merely 5 years, Carl received revenue which far exceeded the amount paid to him for the actual acquisition.

Carl is a well-recognized author as well, having written 9 books which provide in-depth insight on a variety of topics. Some of his more recent works include Polar Bears and Penguins (w/ Kevin Craig and Susan Stevenson) – 2017, Hot Tub Manifesto (w/ Sheryl and Lewis Byron) – 2017 and Fix it in 5 (w/ Karl Gibbons) – 2017.  Carl is also the co-host of Quit and Get Rich, a live internet radio show that airs on He also has two podcast channels on iHeart Radio, called “Fix it in 5” and “Quit and Get Rich.” People can reach him, speak with him, and discuss unique business challenges, while Carl uses his knowledge and expertise to help them find a solution.

Carl is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to more people, a keen interest of his being students, for he believes that they are entrepreneurs of tomorrow. He is a guest lecturer at several prestigious universities, which include MIT & Cambridge, Massachusetts, NYU, Wayne Huizenga School of Entrepreneurship at Nova South Eastern University, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and Miami-Dade University to name a few.

To date, Carl and his massive team of coaches have conducted more than 75000 coaching sessions with small to medium-sized organizations and independently owned enterprises in more than 35 countries, which include several fortune 500 companies as well. When asked what is the key factor to a business’ chance of being successful, Carl says that your mindset is the ultimate weapon, for it defines the core identity of your business and impacts the decisions you make on a daily basis, “When you find yourself in a difficult situation, whether it’s a financial crunch, cash flow, client acquisition or even collaboration, forget about traditional solutions and think out of the box. You will realize, that all you really need is a better strategy.”

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