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Former Litigation Attorney-turned-Mompreneur shakes up the energy drink space with new natural energy shot drink

Ever felt guilty of spending all your energy at work, to an extent that you have no time left for family or friends? For a working mom, it’s an even harder ordeal to not have enough energy left to devote to her kids.

That’s exactly how a former litigation attorney, Elena LeDoux, felt for years. In a bid to improve her health, Elena first sought out natural energy products, but all she could find were drinks that were loaded with a significant amount of sugar and caffeine.

Elena LeDoux

In a short while, she gave up on her career to dedicate time to her family and friends. Two years after that, by having her childhood friend by her side, the two launched their first company together. The search for energy boosters turned out to be nothing short of the same sugary and highly caffeinated drinks. It was then that she decided to create one on her own.

While many still struggle to find work-life balance, Elena found a way to create a solution and do business out of it. To go one step further, Elena collaborated with a company that developed beverages for major brands. She created a formula that was natural yet powerful by making use of the highest quality Matcha green tea. As a result of this, the natural energy shot drink, MommyGO, was born. Since then, Elena’s product has helped women become more productive and energetic all day long.

Elena insists, “Women can have it all and should have it all, but we need everyone to embrace that notion.” Her natural and healthy energy drink is stirring up the market with delicious flavors of coconut with lavender, ginger, lemon, with honey, and rose with almond. The highlight of these drinks is that they provide calm energy without jitters or artificial ingredients.

The Vegas-based MommyGO also recently partnered with Healthy Sunrise Foundation to help improve the lives of children and pregnant women at the local and global level. MommyGO is helping parents, as well as working professionals, get that little extra boost.

In less than 4 years, Elena has built two successful businesses and has won several awards that include the 2019 SBA Person of the Year Nevada and the 2019 Iconic Women of Distinction Awards, (NAWBO), Southern Nevada Chapter.

Elena, now a successful entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two, says, “I love law, but I chose to give up on my career as a litigation attorney because my time was not my own. I decided that as an entrepreneur, I wanted to create companies that enhance and make the lives of women easier.”

MommyGO, beyond being an energy drink, is now go-to support for moms and women everywhere – to rise to higher levels, to spend more time with family, and to get more out of the day.

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