How e-commerce software can boost your online productivity

Gone are those days when you had to spend hours and hours together at the supermarket browsing for things, and still, you never got the thing that you wanted. No more! With the arrival of the internet since 1995, the eCommerce business has taken the hassle out of shopping. You can easily find anything and everything with a click of a mouse.

Things like grocery, clothes, food, electronics, stationery, movie tickets, plane bookings, hotels, etc. everything that you can think of is just one click away. Not surprisingly, even brick and stores are launching their products online via an e-commerce store to enhance their business.

The e-commerce platform can expand your business remarkably, but to manage all that requires tremendous efforts. With your online store, you need an accountant, marketer, content creator, social media influencer, inventory manager, and support staff. In short, you need a shebang of support staff.

This is where e-commerce software helps. It undertakes all these activities under one dashboard.

What does E-commerce software do exactly?

E-commerce software brings everything that you need to run an e-commerce store in one place. The platform helps the user to control all intricate functions of their website from one place instead of keeping track of different tools. In fact,  it can easily integrate different tools like CRM, ERP, social media tools, accounting software payment gateways, and other fulfillment tools.

What are the key features of E-commerce Software? 

Centralized Database

You can get all the information about your products in one place. The tool provides you with easy access to document storage, account transactions, product listings, browsing history, product wishlist, and shipping status.

Search Function

Managing an online store can get complicated sometimes, so it is necessary to have a search function present that can lead you directly to your desired results. This will also provide you with detailed information about a particular product that you are looking for.

Inventory management

Keeping track of your available products comes in handy so you know when to restock them. An empty product shelf can turn your loyal customers away from the site. Inventory tools allow the manager to know the specifics without any technical knowledge required.

Marketing tools

E-commerce software can increase reach to new potential customers and build the right brand image. It comes equipped with ready to utilize tools for SEO optimizations that allow stores to rank much higher in search engines and discover new customers at low costs.


The e-commerce software can integrate third-party tools so that it can handle various tasks like email marketing, accounting, order fulfillment, and payment processing. This gives the advantage to manage different parts of your e-commerce platform with ease. 

Analytics and reporting

E-commerce software can assist you in analyzing the purchase pattern of different users. The results obtained then can be used to show the user appropriate options when they are revisiting your platform. This can make you more profitable and makes it easier for the customer to find what they are looking for.

What are examples of good e-commerce softwares?

  1. EWCart is an all-round solution for managing your e-commerce website. It offers everything you need to grow your online business. Also, you get an excellent team of web developers to build and manage your site for free.

  2. Jazva is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that helps mid to large size retailers reach more customers and sell more by simplifying and automating the multichannel selling process.

  3. Shopaccino is Saas based platform that can create an online store for you. Using this software, you can create your own fully functional e-commerce store.

  4. Shopify can help you make a responsive online store quickly and professionally. It is used by over 120,000 stores worldwide and also provides 24/7 customer support.

Is E-commerce software for you?

If you are an online merchant or even a store owner who is looking to expand the business online, you definitely should get it. As you’ve learned from this article, it can save a lot of your time and expenses enabling you to make even more money.