How can we Use Bitcoin ATMs to Buy and Sell BTC?

Regardless of the wild volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the number of blockchain wallets remains to increase at a very good pace. Because of this trend, the number of ATMs is increasing across the world. As per previous reports, there are more than 50 million users of cryptocurrency users in the whole world. This figure is increasing day by day. Bitcoin ATMs are one of the easiest ways to purchase bitcoins.

What are Bitcoin ATMs?

Before talking about how bitcoin ATMs are used, we have to know first what a bitcoin ATM is. As by the given name ATM, it is an Automated teller machine that helps you to withdraw digital currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and many more.

The first bitcoin ATM was launched in 2013 in Canada. But the USA has a maximum number of bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs want to create a point for handling cryptocurrencies in a glowing set up. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, research the crypto market carefully

Advantages & Disadvantage of bitcoin ATMs


  • You can pay with card and cash both.
  • Anyone can buy there is no need for identity proof.
  • Easy to buy and easy to sell


  • Bitcoin ATMs are not easily found depending on the country to country.
  • There is a limit of withdrawal.
  • The transaction fee is very much high.

How to buy Bitcoin Using Coin BTM

  • Touch on screen to start
  • Choose the option ‘’ buy bitcoin’’
  • Select the range of bitcoin which you will be buying
  • Put your phone no to get a code
  • Input the authentication code
  • Enter QR wallet address
  • Put the cash bills
  • Approve the transaction
  • Get a receipt

How to purchase bitcoin using general bytes BTM

  • Select your particular language
  • Tap on buy bitcoin
  • Select the range of Bitcoin how much you like to buy
  • Scan QR wallet address or to create a one-tap on ‘’I don’t have a wallet’’
  • Pass in the cash bills
  • By clicking ‘’buy bitcoin’’ your operation will be confirmed
  • Click done to finalize

How to purchase bitcoin using Bit Access BTM

  • Select your language
  • Tap on start
  • Put your phone to get a code
  • Put the code for verification
  • Tap on the buy button
  • Scan your QR wallet or click on ‘’ I don’t have one’’ to create a wallet
  • Enter your cash bills
  • Tap on I’m done
  • Get a receipt

How to Sell Bitcoin Using General Bytes BTM

  • Tap on option ‘’sell bitcoin’’
  • Put the amount which you want to withdraw
  • Then you will get a receipt with a QR wallet address.
  • Send the bitcoin to the given address
  • Tap on ‘’redeem ticket’’ and scan the QR code which is printed on the receipt
  • Withdraw the cash bills

How can you find a Bitcoin ATM?

While the number of bitcoin ATMs is increasing but still it is a very small number so finding BTM near is a tough task. Luckily some useful services allow you to get the exact location of a bitcoin ATM over the world.

Bitcoin ATM Map

  • Zoom the map and you can locate bitcoin ATM near you
  • You can filter by adding a brand, type, and fees

Coin ATM reader

  • Type your address or you can zoom in on the map to locate yourself
  • You can submit a new bitcoin ATM which is not on the map
  • Supports much digital currency

You can locate a bitcoin ATM near you by using coin ATM radar service which helps you in finding bitcoin ATM near you using a worldwide Bitcoin map.


Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay