Best Bitcoin Charting Tool & Crypto Price Trackers

Cryptocurrency came in trend in 2017 creating a new way of trading and investing and even after the market practiced a bearish trend in 2018 which did not stop the digital currency from scattering. When the price of cryptocurrency started improving people who were watching the industry from a distance and were not interested in it are now ready to invest in it. Many big and famous companies are joining the industry. Remember that cryptocurrency is a type of market that is a highly multifaceted and volatile environment which changes continuously.

If you want to be in profit the best way is to keep looking for new investment chances or in other words, you must take advantage of even the smallest change in the prices.

We will be knowing some of the cryptocurrency trackers from which you can pick the best bitcoin chart out. Here are few productive things to kill boredom

What is a Cryptocurrency Price Tracker?

It is a type of application that is specially designed which lets the users to follow the price action of the coins in their investment portfolios. It is also known as a portfolio tracking service and it also lets you track totally in relation to crypto.

Some of the top bitcoin & crypto price trackers 

Trading View

It is one of the most known and most used price trackers and social networks for investors and traders. It was produced in September 2011. It Is the earliest projecting platform for cryptocurrency. You can also use this site for tracking the financial market outside the crypto market.


It is one of the leading crypto portfolio tools. The application design is spontaneous and it does not consist of net clients that you can easily access with your laptop or PC. It offers its 5 million users the ability to track many portals at the same time which is completely free of cost. This application consists of a black and white interface.


It was begun in 2014 with the name Crypto Coin Comparison. But after a long progress it planned to make it a world-class platform for tracking prices; it was rebounded in June 2015 with another name CryptoCompare, it also offers a demo version.


It is an established crypto trade platform that provides you real-time data, financial tools, quotes, and its analysis of 300 exchanges in the world. There are approximately 47 million users and provides more than 400 million monthly sessions.


It is a highly cooperative platform which allows you in tracking market capitalization, swap presentation, and price fluctuation. It also trades two essential tools; the tracker and the filter. The tracker will keep you updated and on the other hand, the filter has a widget that helps you in swapping from one coin or token to another.

Things which you should keep in Mind while Picking Charting App

As you can pick any of the crypto charting apps from above and you can choose according to your needs. Some of the factors which you should study while picking a charter app;

  • User interface
  • New functions
  • Safety
  • Affordability


You should be sure before choosing a charting app that meets your requirements and personal preferences other than that they all fit in the boundary of quality tracking tools.

If you have followed all the rules and have done your portfolio right then you’re all the effort will not get wasted. The potential to view and survey your assets in a different way and going from research and accomplishment has a great regard in your trade.


Feature Image by MichaelWuensch from Pixabay