My List of Happenings and News Tidbits to Enjoy

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

Okay, I got away with this a few weeks ago, so I’ll try again. It’s my list of ‘things’ happening in any and all fields. I found them interesting, hopefully, you will too. If not, you can always find a repeat of Columbo on Me TV.

The Malibu home of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez is up for sale. It’s five bedrooms, 4,400 square feet, and priced to go at the bargain price of $7.9 million. If you buy it, let me know.

Did you know Maryland has a lacrosse team (Chesapeake Bayhawks). They have home games scheduled at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis August 17 & 25.

For a small fee you can be catapulted into space when these rockets are ready. You will float in space and it is yours for only $250,000. That would certainly make me float.

For those considering an airplane flight, be advised American and United are selling all seats, Southwest is blocking the middle seats through September and Delta is flying at 60%. I have two friends who have flown and they had different experiences. One had a plane half- empty and felt safe, the other was in a plane almost full and was quite uncomfortable.

Garth Brooks said it’s time for someone else to win Entertainer of the Year so he’s withdrawing his name.

The Double T Diner in Ellicott City was sold and will re-open under the name EC Diner. It was bought by the family who owns By the Docks on Eastern Blvd.

Huawei is now the world’s biggest smartphone seller. It shipped 58 million April through June.

A survey has shown 90% of Americans have adopted new travel precautions. They include shorter trips, staying closer to home and driving instead of taking mass transit.

July was Baltimore’s hottest month in our lifetime. It reached 90 degrees or better in 25 days.

Jim Gaffigan has a very funny Amazon Prime comedy special called The Pale Tourist.

The Baltimore Symphony announced no live performances at least through November 29. Sad news indeed.

Michael Phelps has a new documentary streaming on HBO called The Weight of Gold. It will also be a book.

In football news, the Pac 12 has set September 26 as the start of its 10 game season.

Former Oriole Nick Markakis has decided he will play for the Braves after all. He originally opted out.

Amazon Dot Com received permission to put more than 3,200 satellites in orbit with the goal of beaming internet to earth.

The Rockettes will not be performing this holiday season and New York has also canceled the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square. Terrible news for that city.

Pity poor Jennifer Lawrence, she paid 15.6 million for her New York penthouse and sold it for only 9.9, taking a $5.7 million loss.

I’m going to set up a Go Fund Me page.

Tony Danza will be reprising his role on Who’s the Boss at Sony Pictures Television.

Sorry to hear Joseph Bank has declared bankruptcy and that could mean closing at least seven stores in Maryland, including at The Gallery and in Towson Town Center.

Country music star Luke Bryan released a CD called Born Here Live Here and Liam Neeson has a new film, Made in Italy, co-starring his son Jack. And it’s not an action film.

And finally, at one time hotels would never allow housekeeping to clean the lobby during the day. Thought it was a bad image. Now, thanks to Mr. COVID, they are encouraging staff to clean during the day. It has all of a sudden become a good image.

And there you have it. Honestly, don’t you feel more informed?