Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2020

Cabinets are one of the aspects that add beauty to your kitchen design. Designs and style trends change every year, and it is important to update our kitchen cabinet’s style according to current and famous styles. Most homeowners love to redecorate according to what’s in and are willing to spend money to get the trending kitchen style they want.

Cabinets are originally created to give people space where they can store or hide their things, including utensils, cookware, and even spices. But today, cabinets are designed to add beauty and help make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. You can keep your kitchen cabinets up-to-date by following these guides on how to remodel your kitchen style.

Wooden and Dark Tone Cabinets

We always hear that white is the best choice but not this year. White is not outdated and still famous. However, they are not considered as the coolest way to design your kitchen. 2020 gave way to darker color themes for kitchen cabinets.

You can choose from deep greens, deep purple, or even pure black, as this is one of the trends for kitchen cabinets in 2020. You can also be creative and combine dark colors and light colors by painting the other half lighter. The contrast between bright and dark colors will create drama in your kitchen.

If you are not into darker palettes, wooden cabinets would be your option. Wooden materials are also trendy this year, especially in designing kitchens. If you are more attracted to earthy tones, opt for wood. If you already have existing white kitchen cabinets, you can add some wooden accents to add more life.

Go Handleless

Cabinet and drawer handles are so outdated. As a part of the design evolution, the modern contemporary design for kitchen cabinets is free-flowing and handleless. It gives a more modern and aesthetic look.

Technology advancement also plays a vital role in creating this new design trend: the push-open and close mechanism. With this technology, it gives kitchen cabinets a sleek and modernized look that everyone will surely love.

Brass Accent

Although dark and wooden colors have been the trend color palettes of 2020, whites and ivories would still be on the hook for some people. To add more life to these palettes, you can detail your kitchen cabinets with brass accents.

Brass also gives a classic and timeless vibe to your kitchen. It can blend perfectly with most kitchen designs and styles, making it the most chosen accent for a trendy kitchen. Adding shiny brass to darker palette cabinets will liven up the color and give more detail to your cabinets.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Eco-friendly materials have been popular these past few years, and this year, it has become a staple with most kitchen cabinets. Big stores have already been offering eco-friendly kitchen cabinets and other kitchen and home furniture.

Eco-friendly cabinets are usually made of recyclable materials such as plastic. Supporting this kind of material will help reduce waste and will help save the environment. Aside from helping the environment, plastic is a durable material that will surely last long.

However, Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets are expected to cost more than traditional cabinets. This is the reason why eco-friendly items have lower demand than traditional products. But if you want to help save our planet, a few extra would be worth it.

Open Shelving

Open shelving has also become popular over the years, especially for kitchens with small spaces. If you have a tiny kitchen having drawers and cabinet doors swinging back and forth will be inconvenient.

Open shelving can give you the benefits of a drawer or a cabinet that perfectly fits a small kitchen. However, open shelvings are prone to clutter, and storing your kitchen gadgets or other kitchen stuff should be organized.

You have to remember that whatever you stack-up on these shelves will be visible. Tidy it up now and then or use organizers or containers to make it look clean. If you love to hoard items inside your drawers and cabinets, now would be the time to put an end to that tradition and opt for a more visible alternative.


Trends come and go. What is in today might be out tomorrow. However, choosing a design that will last for years and will not go outdated quickly is very important. Following the trend will also help your kitchen look trendy and stylish that will surely envy your guests.


Feature Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash