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History and Purpose of Half Hull Models

Half hull models can be found hanging on the wall of nautical shops, museums, and private homes of collectoand nautical history enthusiasts. These models originally had a practical purpose for shipbuilders. Today, they are primarily decorative objects. Premier Ship Models offer a large selection of antique ship models, half hull models and ship model kits.

Prior to using drawing boards and computer technology, shipbuilders would use half hull models both to show prospective buyers and in the planning process for building a new ship. Initially, the shipbuilder would show the model to the prospective buyer. The buyer could suggest changes and agree on the final details. Sometimes more than one hull model would be made during this process.

Once the buyer agreed to the final model, the half hull would be used in the building process. Prior to beginning the construction process, marks would be made on the hull to show the locations of the frames or ribs of the ship. Before detailed drawings were used in the shipbuilding process, the half hull model served as the guide to be used throughout the building process.

After the construction of the ship was finished, the models were often attached to a piece of wood. In some cases, the shipbuilder would hang the model in their offices as a portfolio of their past designs. Other builders would give the model to the owner of the newly built ship. Some of these old models are actually worth quite a bit of money and remain very popular among collectors.

Half hull models are generally used for decoration, rather than building ships. Half hulls can be found in standard models of the hull only or models of the full cabin, rigging, and other components. Ready-made half hull models vary widely in detail and price. Some ship owners continue to request half hull models of their own ships.

Handcrafted boat models can be found for many different types of ships. Clippers, steamers, modern yachts, sailing ships, shrimpers, trappers, fishing boats, and many other types of historical and modern ships. Regardless of the type of vessel you want to display and period of nautical history that interests you, half hull models can be found to suit your specific preferences.

In addition to the many ready-made half hull boat models and boat model kits to create your own models, you can have a custom model built of any ship. Whether you own a ship and want a model of it or you have a specific ship from history or modern times, you can have a full size or half hull model built of that ship to display in your home or business.

Although originally designed by shipbuilders for utilitarian purposes, half models are now quite popular among collectors and nautical enthusiasts. Quality models, such as those sold by Premier Ship Models, are handcrafted from the original ship plans using the highest quality materials to ensure accuracy and quality in the finished product.

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