Functions and qualities of Excel that make it great for professional organizations

Nearly everyone that manages a business or has any computer literacy has heard of Microsoft Excel. In fact, there are plenty of schools that teach students how to use Excel as being proficient is seen by employers as quite a valuable asset. This is due to Excel making businesses more efficient and simply making work easier for those who use it. The functions and qualities of Excel that make it great for companies of all sizes are below.

SUM Function

The SUM function is the most used function in Excel as many data entry professionals use this on a daily basis. Being able to change a figure in a set of data and having the sum change automatically helps increase productivity. A variety of sums can be given from different sets of data in specific cells in a file. The SUM function makes Excel the perfect program to do anything accounting based as it can automatically generate data if the proper formula is inputted. Everything from hours worked to budgets can be added up with this function which makes it much easier to pull exact data instead of estimating.

Average Function

Those who input data on a daily basis most likely use this function the second most after the SUM function. Large data sets need to be averaged in order to see what the data is telling the user. Companies can use the average function to see how much profit is averaged after costs off of a specific client. This makes it easier for a company to increase prices and the averages of the data can be leveraged in order to make a better decision on pricing.

Easy To Organize and Sort

One of the most difficult things about having a multitude of data in any type of file is that of organization. Microsoft Excel all but eliminates this difficulty with functions that make it easy to sort. If you are wondering which client spends the most per order you can sort this to see who is truly the most profitable client the business has. Alphabetical sorting can make it easy to do something like payroll or HR work. The ability to sort the data by every single column allows the user to get the best idea of exactly what the data is indicating.

Perfect For Project Management

Excel has the perfect features and qualities to manage a project of nearly any size. The ability to link to web pages or documents online allows a myriad of information to be put in a file in a concise way. Excel is internationally used and is quite intuitive for those who are first time users. Being able to put multiple tabs can allow multiple people to work on the same file if uploaded to the cloud. For companies that manage multiple contractors utilizing all of the incredible features of Excel will make this organizational process much easier.

If your business has not been using Excel it is time to try it to see its true convenience. Do not waste time manipulating massive sets of data when you can simply input a formula into Excel to see what you need to see!