EWA Rage in the Cage returns to Tall Cedars Hall

#PatAnthony takes a moment to share a few words with some of his more vociferous fans. (Anthony C. Hayes)

Following a three-month hiatus, Eastern Wrestling Association will return to Tall Cedars Hall in Parkville on January 16th for EWA Rage in the Cage, where every match is fought inside a steel cage.

But before next Saturday, EWA fans should visit EWAMaryland.com for the EWA Year-End-Awards. Fans are encouraged to vote for all seven categories, including Wrestler of the Year and Most Shocking Moment of 2015. Fans have until Friday the 15th to submit their selections, as the awards will be presented at Rage in the Cage.

Additionally, Rage in the Cage will feature WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff. Volkoff is best remembered for winning the WWF Tag Team Championship along with the Iron Sheik at the inaugural Wrestlemania in 1985.

Following a confrontation that has simmered for three long months, tensions will be high as EWA Heavyweight Champion TJay Sykes and EWA Maryland Champion Corey Bush compete in a Title vs Title match. Will Bush become the scourge of EWA fans with a sly victory reminiscent of his win at Evolution 2K15, or will Sykes come out EWA’s greatest fan favorite of all time?

WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff (Luigi Novi)
WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff (Luigi Novi)

EWA Tag Team Champions The Dark Horses and Storm/Cruz 2016 are both eager to rejoin the championship belts after one of them was abducted by presidential hopeful Desert Storm at Last Rites. The EWA Tag Team Championship will be defended in EWA’s first Inside-Out Cage Match, where two men are out, two men are in, and the first team to unite wins. One member of each team will start within the confines of the EWA cage, while the other will start the match outside the cage. The winning objective is for any of the four competitors to reunite with their lost partner, either in or outside the cage.

Since Rage in the Cage, both Joey Badami and #PatAnthony have been involved in mysterious scuffles at the EWA Pain Factory in Dundalk. Badami was attacked by an unknown assailant, while #PatAnthony was nearly run over by a would-be assassin. Badami has since pointed fingers at both #PatAnthony and Wes Mercer, with neither man accepting responsibility. The three men will be left to squash their beef in a Triple Threat match. #PatAnthony will be accompanied by his Social Media Ambassador, Violet.

In EWA, no man OR woman is too privileged to avoid the clutches of the cage. As such, Maria Manic will compete against Nyla Rose in a Women’s Cage match. Rose was brought in by Joey Badami to beat the unruly Manic after she low-blowed Badami during his Casket Match at Last Rites, subsequently leading to an end of their wrestler-manager relationship.

EWA promoter Jim Christian is out to teach EWA Cruiserweight Champion Chris Burns that actions have consequences. Burns was disqualified from his match at Last Rites, prefaced by an unwarranted attack on EWA ring announcer and offshoot referee Mikey D. On January 6th, both Christian and Mikey were proud to announce that Burns would be defending his title in Maryland’s first Ladder Cage match. Craving further punishment, Christian decreed that Burns will defend not only against his opponent from Last Rites, Davey Havok, including “The Show” Mr. Jones and J.T. Moore in this historical match.

John Berg and “The Baltimore Butcher” Blood will compete against Ivan Ali and his presently unknown partner. Berg and Blood must bring their A game to regain contendership in the EWA Tag Team division.

Jason Drake will be making his EWA debut in the night’s opening match. Drake is paired against another recent EWA newcomer AND pirate, El Buccanero Negro.

EWA fans are starving for action following the holiday break, so be certain to ring in the new year with the EWA roster by purchasing tickets for Rage in the Cage immediately, where every match will be fought in EWA’s treacherous steel cage. Rage in the Cage will be held Saturday, January 16 at Tall Cedars Hall in Parkville, located at 2501 Putty Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234. Front-row seats are $15, with General Admission at $12. Card subject to change. Tickets are available by calling (443) 858-2755 or visiting http://www.eventbee.com/v/ewatube/event?eid=159137412. For more information, visit EWA’s Facebook page or the newly revamped EWAMaryland.com. Be sure to keep up with the exciting action taking place outside of the ring at EWA’s YouTube channel.