Oregon standoff: Patriots or terrorists

An armed militia takes over a government building in protest against the U.S. Government. We know the exact GPS location of these terrorists and yet our president does nothing.

No, this is not the Middle East, it’s Oregon. And instead of the armed militants being Radical Islamic Jihadists, they are far right conservative extremists and they occupy government property inside our border.

This is at the very least an act of treason and the methods they use are no different than those we are concerned with overseas and are afraid will come here. Well, guess what? We have our own terrorists inside our borders and they happen to be white, Christian, and willing to die for their cause.

The solution is simple and it is time we had a leader who knew how to act in a bold and decisive manner. A smart bomb dropped from 30,000 above the earth will end this standoff and send a message to other ass hats out there thinking of doing the same thing — they might want to rethink their cause.

Ronald Reagan ended an air traffic controller strike by firing all the striking workers and hiring new controllers. Think he would negotiate with these clowns?

It’s one building. Bomb the crap out of it and follow up with a couple of attack helicopters to take out any cockroaches hiding somewhere else on the government grounds they have taken over.

Instead, our current president, and most likely Hillary Clinton as well if this were to happen should she become president, will draw this out with the idea of reaching a peaceful resolution. The end result will be the enabling of a small group of our society to do more of these acts in protest against government policy. They do not deserve being arrested or put on trial, which will only add to their voice.

It’s not just us good guys who watch and wonder how this will play out. There are other disgruntled groups who, if they believe they will be given time and voice to their cause, will act in the same way. The new normal is bad enough, do we really want to add this to our daily lives?

We do not negotiate with terrorists abroad and we damn well shouldn’t with terrorists inside our borders.



One thought on “Oregon standoff: Patriots or terrorists

  • January 10, 2016 at 5:26 PM

    Mama’s boys..

    Today the “Leader’s mom” says armed group at wildlife refuge needs more supplies, and asked supporters to bring them to these folks.

    HIS MOM? .. Uhh.. shouldn’t his mom be telling him what a total idiot he is, instead of asking others to enable his penchant for dangerous, self indulgent, armed and belligerent sedition?

    I think we may have found what went wrong with ol Ammon and his movement here.. Sheesh.. Mama’s boy can’t even invade the USA without her holding his hand.

    Another case of American affluenza. Maybe for their next act Mama can skip bail with her baby and run to Mexico like the Couch’s.

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