EWA card features first ever women’s cage match in Maryland

Fight or flight? Desert Storm gets the jump on Wes Mercer. (David “ACE” Livingston.)

Grappling for something different to do this Saturday night?

Look no further than Tall Cedars Hall in Parkville, Maryland, where the EWA (Eastern Wrestling Association – formerly Eastern Wrestling Alliance) will be staging its kickoff event of the year.

Billed as EWA Rage in the Cage, the show will boast a full card of exciting matches, including a maiden (pardon the pun) event, as Nyla Rose and Rebecca Payne square off in the first ever women’s caged wrestling match in Maryland.

EWA Rage in the Cage posterAlso on tap, current EWA Heavyweight Champion Shaun Cannon will be defending his title against Matt Wylde; EWA Maryland Champion Chris Burns will defend his belt against John Berg; Cruiserweight Champion Pat Anthony will try to hold out against Michaels Amaydo, Aaron Shadows, & Wes Mercer; and a much ballyhooed grudge match will take place between TJ Sykes and his nemesis Desert Storm.

EWA’s Brian S. Gamble told the Baltimore Post-Examiner this Saturday night’s action will begin a new chapter for the association.

“We’ve been around since 2003 and are one of the few companies that has never really had a break; never shut down due to financial issues or management changes. We have gone from Eastern Wrestling Alliance to Eastern Wrestling Association. It’s a small name change but it’s going to start to reflect in the show this Saturday, as we’re moving into a more storyline centric direction. ”

Gamble said another change will come with the creation of divisions.

A steel cage match in Japan. (Wikimedia)
A steel cage match in Japan. (Wikimedia)

“There will be rankings – not just a bunch of guys going out and wrestling. We’re making that and a few other changes – particularly on the media side – so the public can more easily follow along. Even if they’re just joining us, people won’t feel lost.”

“Pro fans who have never seen our show will notice that it’s a lot more intimate. They will be closer to the wrestlers because the building is a lot smaller. Another thing the audience can expect is more interaction with all of the performers. Look for the wrestlers to come out during intermission to jaw with the fans and pose for pictures. That’s something wrestling fans can’t get at a WWE show.”

Gamble stressed that the EWA strives to put on the sort of show the entire family can enjoy.

“We are the family friendly alternative to wrestling in the Maryland area. If you come, you’ll notice that about 60% of our audience is kids. We don’t allow any cursing or “bleeding” unless it’s by accident. Because it is a live show, every once in a while someone may get cut or let something slip out. We do have a slightly risque storyline going on right now with (wrestlers) Desert Storm and Tjay Sykes, but otherwise we keep it clean.

EWA will be adding more storylines to future events.
EWA will be adding more storylines to future events.

When asked to elaborate a bit of the risque storyline, Gamble said that back in October, Desert Storm “kidnapped” Tjay Syke’s valet, Alexis Divine, and has been holding her ever since. This happened after Storm tried to grab her at an earlier event; was caught sniffing her hair, then stole Tjay’s car and his contract while they were all in Pennsylvania.

“Basically, they are wrestling for her freedom. We’ve been running this storyline since last May. Fans who are behind can catch up by checking out the EWA Ringside on YouTube.”

Along with staging the special grudge and the women’s matches, fans may also look forward to seeing a “Lethal Lottery” tag team match, where two wrestlers will be chosen (names out of a fish bowl style) to compete against the current championship team of Jim Christian & Bill Ward . And if that isn’t excitement enough, there will also be a triple tag team match to determine who will compete against the reigning tag team champs at the next EWA show.

“For those who have never been to a professional wrestling show,” Gamble concluded, “they can expect to see a lot of great athleticism. And again, because of the intimacy of the venue, spectators will get more of a Hollywood feel. If you’re there on a first date, it may be a very different kind of outing, but you will have a great time.”

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EWA Rage In The Cage happens this Saturday January 24th 2015, at Tall Cedars Hall 2501 Putty Hill Avenue in Parkville Maryland. Doors open at 6:45pm; the action starts promptly at 7:30pm. This is a family friendly event and all ages are welcome. Tickets and other information may be found by visiting the EWA online or checking out the group’s Facebook page.



EWA’s Rage in the Cage played on Saturday night to a standing-room only crowd.  Competition was spirited, with the result that one contender even suffered a broken leg.  By the end of the evening, several championship belts had changed hands and one storyline took an unexpected turn.

The results of the combat are as follows:

Pre show: JT moore defeats Super Phoenix and Havoc Jackson to become the #1 contender to the cruiserweight Championship.
JD Browning topped Lunar.
Chris Burns bested John Berg; Retains Maryland Championship.
TNT/Sydney Porter defeated Blood/Hyjinx and the Dark Horses to become number 1 contenders to the Tag Team Championships.
Desert Storm subdued Tjay Sykes after Alexis Divine betrayed Tjay.
Pat Anthony retained the Cruiserweight Championship after defeating Wes Mercer, Aaron Shadows and Michael’s Amaydo.
Rebecca Payne defeated Nyla Rose.
The Lethal Lottery team of John Berg/JD Browning defeated Bill Ward and Apollo Cruz to win the EWA Tag Team Championships.
Matt Wylde upset Shaun Cannon to become the EWA Heavyweight Champion.
Pictures of all of the action may be found by visiting Flickr