Essential Garage Door Safety Tips

For homeowners, garages not only provide extra storage but also commonly act as workshops and play areas. Like any part of your home, it is important to make sure that your garage is safe and secure.. Garage door safety is particularly essential since doors that are improperly used or poorly maintained can cause serious accidents. The safety tips below are provided by the Overhead Door Corporation, the International Door Association, and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association.

Garage Door Safety Tips For Homeowners

– Put the garage door opener in a place where children can’t access it. Never allow children to play with the remote for the garage door.

– Familiarize yourself with how the emergency release on the garage door works. You can find this information in the owner’s manual for your door.

– Perform a monthly inspection of your door, looking closely at the rollers, springs, pulleys, and cables, checking for parts that are worn or damaged. They may need parts replaced and if they do you can buy DIY garage door parts here.

– Verify that the automatic safety sensor on the garage door is working correctly. Place a solid object underneath the path of the door. As the door closes, it should automatically reverse after it contacts the object. If it fails to do so, it is important to reach out to a repair specialist right away. Doors that were installed before 1993 should be replaced with a newer model that includes the auto-reverse feature.

– Keep your fingers out of the spaces between the door panels to avoid having them get pinched or injured. Make sure children understand the risk, as well. If necessary, choose a door without panels so that pinching won’t be an issue.

– Only leave the garage door fully open or fully closed. Never leave it halfway up. When it starts moving again, it may move in a downward direction, which could cause it to crush or damage anything beneath it. Keeping your door open also compromises the security of your home.

– If you are going to be out of town, disconnect the garage door opener. You can also use a security switch that locks the console while you are away. This keeps remotes from working correctly and can provide an extra layer of security.

– Today’s garage door openers change the access code whenever the door is opened to keep the code from getting stolen. If your door doesn’t have this feature, change the access code from the default code that was provided by the manufacturer. For extra safety, consider upgrading to a newer garage door that has better security.

– Don’t keep your garage door remote in your vehicle. Today, thieves are commonly stealing remotes out of cars to gain access to homes. A better option is to use a small remote on your keychain. If you have an attached garage, make sure the interior door that leads into your home is always locked.