Eight Tips to get more Instagram Followers

1. Stick To A Theme

There are so many accounts on Instagram that it can be a little bit hard to stand out. You need to figure out what makes you different. For me, I decided the best route was to use a combination of humor and sexuality to create a funny, feminine voice for the platform. 

2. Follow A Regular Schedule When Posting

To improve your chances of success, you should add a minimum of one post each day. If you wait days or weeks between posts, your account simply won’t grow. When you stick to a regular schedule, your followers will naturally begin to watch for your content. In order to grow your account when you are starting out,  look into automatic comments, the more comments you get, the more you will receive.

 Each time you post, you have an opportunity to connect with new fans. With each post that I write, for example, I receive a minimum of 300 comments. A large percentage of the people who comment tag their friends since they want them to see the content I posted. Since people are notified when they are tagged, this dramatically increases the reach of each post. If the tagged individuals like what I’ve posted, they may follow my account, helping to grow my follower base.

3. Consider Your Hashtags Carefully

After Instagram’s latest algorithm update, hashtags are more important than ever. Find hashtags that relate to the audience you are targeting and that are currently trending. Avoid extremely broad hashtags that aren’t tightly focused on your content. These hashtags are usually so popular that your content will fall out of sight within a matter of seconds. Each post is limited to 30 hashtags. Using them all will give you the most exposure.

4. Tap Into The Power Of Geo-Tagging

Geo-tagging is a great way to connect with people who are interested in your content. For instance, if I add a coffee-related meme to my account, I automatically tag Starbucks. This allows anyone who is searching the Starbucks geotag to view my meme. If they find it funny, they may even decide to follow my account. 

5. Post When Your Followers Are Online

If you live on the West Coast and you wait until you get out of bed in the morning to add new content to your account, you probably won’t connect with users on the East Coast. Since they are three hours ahead, they probably have already checked Instagram by the time you roll out of bed. Figure out where your target audience is located and what time they are online. Then, plan your posts accordingly. 

6. Post Interesting Content That People Want To Share

Any time you add new content to your account, it should be engaging, eye-catching, and something that people want to share. Even if you want to protect your content, avoid slapping a giant watermark over the entire image. If you do that, nobody will share it. Instead, follow the watermarking tips in the next section. 

7. Add a watermark to content that you create. 

Any time you come up with original content of your own, you should watermark it so that people can credit you if they share it with their followers. People will often take screenshots of photos that they like in order to share them. That is why having a watermark is important. Without it, you may not get the credit that you deserve. When you watermark your images, avoid placing the watermark over the entire image or making it too obnoxious. Instead, keep it in an area where it won’t bother people.

8. Tag Bigger Accounts That May Want To Share Your Photos

For instance, if I design a meme that centers around Beyoncé, I probably would tag her in it. More than that, though, I also would tag bigger accounts that focus on pop culture, entertainment news accounts, and Beyoncé’s manager. The tag helps grab their attention so that they see the meme. If they like it, they might follow my account. Even better, however, they might share the meme with their followers, giving me a lot more exposure than I could achieve on my own.