Join the Herbal Tea Revolution by Brewing Oolong, Burdock, and Thyme Tea from Cha Temple

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If you’re into herbal teas, you may notice that many different areas and retailers have their “own” teas, but the one company we’re going to talk about here is just a few random guys that decided to work in unison and create a very simple, yet amazing tea, because they simply liked tea themselves. While they aren’t mass marketers or even a large corporation, the Cha temple has decided to unleash some amazing unique teas that can only be found in certain parts of the world.

Introducing Oolong Tea

If you haven’t heard of Oolong, it’s a tea that is made of half-fermented leaves so it’s not quite green tea, but not quite black tea. However, they have about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee and has a plethora of medical effects that can greatly benefit your body and mind. It’s a little stronger than both black and green teas combined because of the unique fermenting methods that make it Oolong.

Chaga Teas

Chaga is actually a delicious tea that is taken from the chaga mushroom. It’s more of a “woody” taste, like the oaky taste you would experience from certain wines. There are many medical properties like reducing blood pressure, and being an ancient anti-inflammatory that you can gain from drinking tea made from a chaga mushroom. If you’re on special heart medications however you may not want to drink this type of tea, as that can actually cause serious problems. But nevertheless, this amazing tea has a high source of B vitamins and offers numerous essential minerals in its delivery as well. There is no caffeine in Burdock tea.

Burdock Tea

Burdock Root has been used for years and can even be available in capsule form for its many health benefits. In ancient China, they used the Burdock root to heal the liver, treat cancer symptoms, and even lower people’s blood pressure. They’re almost like an eastern Asian daisy in a sense (and they come from the same scientific family to go along with that). Some of the health benefits that come with it are that it contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and it is a source of inulin, and it can kill bacteria, enhance urine flow, reduce fever, and it can even purify your blood. It is also free of caffeine.

Thyme Tea

Thyme is often used in many parts of the world for its healing properties, and even as an additive flavor ingredient in many seasonings for food. But when it’s made right, it can provide a high amount of antioxidants that can help many ailments (like sore throat, cough, arthritis, and much more), more than most other herbs out there on the market. The herb itself is part of the mint family and offers an almost leafy green minty-oregano taste.


Cha Temple Teas ( is the group of guys we were talking about in the first paragraph. They’ve come together to make and distribute some of the finest styles of Chaga, Burdock, and Thyme teas, and they also have other excellent flavors like Turmeric Ginger, and two different types of Oolong teas. If you try some of these exquisite teas, you may never return back to SleepyTime Teas again, as these have far more benefits.

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