Do I Need A Lawyer If The Car Accident Was Minor?

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Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

A vehicular accident comes as a shock to many, whether it is minor or a major. A major accident could involve the loss of life, property, and normalcy. On the other hand, a minor car accident comes with its own set of damages. Sometimes, a minor accident may involve minor injuries to self, to the vehicle, or both. No matter what degree of an accident, they are serious businesses that can’t be taken lightly.

If a negligent driver inadvertently caused the accident, you must proceed with a legal case, so the other party doesn’t get away with their recklessness. If you caused a minor accident to another party, then it becomes necessary for you to protect yourself from the other party. Whether minor or major, hiring a Tampa car accident lawyer in the event of a car accident is a no-brainer. Here we give you reasons why it would be the next best thing to do after getting medical help for yourself.

Improve your chances of getting a compensation

When you meet with a minor accident, your chances of getting compensation are very less. The opposite party may dismiss you for minor injuries or damages. But no matter the magnitude of the accident, you deserve compensation that you must rightfully get. Research indicates that an injured party in a car accident stands to receive compensation compared to people without a lawyer.

Lawyers get paid based on the compensation received

Remember, most lawyers only charge you a percentage of your compensation as fees. So if you do not get compensated, then you won’t end up spending anything as legal fees. And if you win your case in an out-of-court settlement, then you may need to pay your lawyer straight up.

Skip the legal hassle

Making an accident injury claim from insurance companies is not as easy as it may seem. Initially, insurance companies approach you with a friendliness that may disappear as soon as you file a claim. When you take up insurance claims, you will be met with a room full of lawyers who can be best dealt with a reputed Tampa car accident lawyer by your side, even for minor accidents.

Also, not all insurance companies work in good faith when rewarding you with your claim settlement. You may be sneakily charged for random reasons to navigate without hassle only when a good lawyer backs you.

The “50% argument”

If you are the injured party who happens to be completely innocent, you may be surprised to be attacked by the other party responsible for 50% of the accident and losses. It is a wrongful claim, but unfortunately, a common one. It would be best to be backed by a lawyer to avoid falling into this pit.

Whether minor or major, a car accident is not to be dealt with lightly. It would be best to have all your bases covered legally when caught in a vehicular accident, and there is no better person to do it for you than an expert car accident attorney.