Digital asset Investment made easy with Mercobank

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What cryptocurrency has started can’t be reversed – digital assets are the most exciting technology since the internet and have the potential to cause even more disruption… and investment opportunities.

Digital assets are binary (computer-based) assets that increase in value over time. Digital assets are not “mainstream” yet, and digital asset brokers have only started becoming prominent over the last couple of years. Although digital assets are a relatively new form of investment, they have many benefits over traditional assets classes, mostly involving their massive scalability and accessibility.

At Mercobank, our mission is to make the world’s digital asset secure and accessible for our clients and unlocks its investment potential. Institutions require highly available, trusted, enterprise-grade services to store, transact, and support their digital asset investments. These capabilities are widely available for stocks, bonds, and other asset types, but have been lacking in this emerging digital asset class. Mercobank is trusted today by thousands of institutions and financial intermediaries and through Mercobank has extended its capabilities to deliver a reliable and secure platform for this emerging asset class.

Mercobank it very unique in that we bring together all the necessary components and services together. Never before have digital asset investors been able to enjoy the benefits of security, convenience, and performance under one roof.

As the leading Digital bank in the world, we focus on high-speed blockchains, reverse ICOs, decentralized protocols, and the many advantages that digital asset management can provide the industry.

Why Mercobank?

We are delighted that the performance of our funds has been recognized amongst our peer group. It has been an incredible journey since we established this organization. We manage assets in what is surely the most fast-paced and volatile investment environment globally but believe our measured approach to asset selection, and the investment models we have developed, provide our investors with an edge – both through bullish and bearish conditions.

Mercobank is one of the largest digital banks and most diversified financial services providers, with more than $7 trillion in client assets under administration and over 1.3 million trades processed each day. Mercobank is the first step towards a long-term vision to create a full-service enterprise-grade platform for storing, trading, and supporting eligible digital assets.

A culture of innovation

Since our launch, we have witnessed a steady evolution of institutional demand for custody and trading services, and we have responded with a solution that meets the needs of the most sophisticated investors in this emerging asset class.

Proprietary Investment Methodology

Our proprietary investment methodology blends fundamental analysis of the underlying technology and dedicated infrastructure with relative valuation analysis.

Innovation Disruption Growth

We are solely focused on the digital asset sector, home of some of the world’s fastest-growing technology that has the potential to rewrite how business is conducted.

Mercobank will help you in your journey to a greater height

Transparency In Service

We aim to provide clients with a high management service. The company’s aim is to provide opportunities across various sectors and transform their businesses to adopt a decentralized protocol technology standard.

Maximum Returns on Ledger dealing 

Mercobank strives to assist our clients to earn maximum profits for their digital asset investment. In the face of an ever-evolving online landscape, we guarantee that it will be on top of privacy-related matters, supervising blockchain and digital asset management within a realm of security.

Real-Time Asset Management

As the leading digital bank. Mercobank is always on top of the latest and most groundbreaking developments in digital asset management. We will make sure that your digital asset investments are secure and performing at their best level.

Advantages of Investing with Mercobank

Our investment management specializes in digital assets. We enable investors to gain exposure to a new asset class through traditional financial products that are fully embedded in their existing banking setup – now available for purchase at your local bank.

Instant Cashout

MERCO Bank AI System processes all transactions instantly when due. At congested periods, the system has learned to process all on queue.

Safe and Secure

A totally new strategy for cryptocurrency or interbank arbitrage, in which only you act as the custodian of personal assets.

Full Transparency

Distribution of funds always takes place under the strict control of financiers and auditors, which completely rules out inaccuracies.

Fully Encrypted

Complete security and transparency of any transactions that have become available thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

We orchestrate the entire account management process for our clients, working as a single point of contact with all your service providers to create a comprehensive plan. We develop customized strategies for every client to ensure that they have the greatest opportunity to achieve their different goals and objectives. Our team has substantial experience in every aspect of managing and building wealth to ensure that we are able to execute our client’s financial plans effectively and efficiently.