Canine Mindfulness

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If I were a canine only,

I could live by olfactory

And smell my way to mindfulness.


I could sniff any crotch I like,

And bite anyone’s ass in spite.

I could slobber all over your beautiful face

And dry hump anyone in their private little space.


I could lick my privates in public,

then thrash your pretty toes

and go out and urinate, even in a school zone.


I can bark when I like,

Without disturbing the peace,

And you’d always take me for walks,

Never being too busy for me.

I can devour that sweet pussy

The cat but no blame in that

Because old dogs will always be just like that.


So, if I were a canine,

I could live the American Dream

Without making a damn thing,

And no matter what shape or color,

I would never be called a “stupid motherfucker.”



I can caress drunken homophobic balls,

And only he’d be accused

Of having gay sex with a dog.


It would be no matter to me

Because we love dogs unconditionally,

So, when I imagine a pretty lass holding me,

Even when I bite,

I’m in the mood for canine mindfulness;

Just wanting my desire to be alright.

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