Candidate John Teichert Supports Term Limits on Congress

Maryland Hopeful Pledges to Support Constitutional Amendment

Washington D.C. – U.S. Term Limits (USTL), the leader in the non-partisan national movement to limit terms for elected officials, praises 2024 U.S. Senate candidate for Maryland, John Teichert, for signing the pledge for an amendment to term limit Congress. Teichert is the first candidate to sign the pledge in this race.

U.S. Term Limits has the support of more than 130 pledge signers in Congress. USTL President Philip Blumel commented on Teichert’s pledge saying, “John’s strong support of term limits shows that there are individuals who are willing to put self-interest aside to follow the will of the people. America needs a Congress that will be served by citizen legislators, not career politicians.”

The U.S. Term Limits amendment pledge is provided to every announced candidate for federal office. It reads, “I pledge that as a member of Congress, I will cosponsor and vote for the U.S. Term Limits amendment of three (3) House terms and two (2) Senate terms and no longer limit.” The U.S. Term Limits constitutional amendment has been introduced in both the U.S. Senate by Senator Ted Cruz and his colleagues (SJR2) and the U.S. House by Representative Ralph Norman (HJR11).

Blumel noted, “We have seen a dramatic increase in supporters wanting term limits on Congress. More than 80% of Americans have rejected the career politician model and want to replace it with citizen leadership. The way to achieve that goal is through congressional term limits.”

Marylander John Teichert signing pledge to support Term Limits on Congress. (courtesy)
John Teichert signing pledge to support Term Limits on Congress. (courtesy)

According to the latest nationwide poll on term limits conducted by PEW Research, term limits enjoy wide bipartisan support. PEW’s analysis states, “An overwhelming majority of adults (87%) favor limiting the number of terms that members of Congress are allowed to serve. This includes a majority 56% who strongly favor this proposal, just 12% are opposed.”

Blumel concluded, “America is in trouble. Our career politicians have let the people down. It is time to return control of our nation to the people. It is time for a constitutional amendment limiting congressional terms.”

The term limits amendment resolutions would require a two-thirds majority in the House and Senate, and ratification by 38 states, in order to become part of the U.S. Constitution


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*U.S. Term Limits does not endorse candidates. Candidates who sign the pledge endorse term limits.