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Bumbrella: Panties or not once again

I think its time we talked about panties again.

Bumbrella” by CiCi Solei has these silky panties with a sheer mini slip attached. No more twisting or having it ride up above your stomach since it is attached to the panty. Bumbrella slips come with either brief or thong panties and would be a sexy addition to any collection coming in black, nude or blue. Even though they are sheer, they look like they would be comfortable to wear around the house during the summer months, like next to nothing. The fabric is so soft and comfortable CiCi Solei compares them to going commando.

I am not against going commando or free buffing and free balling either. The thing is you don’t have to tell anyone. Just do it. It’s comfortable and doctors say it’s healthy to go sans undies. Ladies, try it under your favorite summer dress and catch a breeze! Or you could tell your loved one what is missing as an aphrodisiac. Building that anticipation …your lover will look at you as if you were the main course knowing what was going on under that dress.

Free buffing or pretty panties, both are a great idea for under any dress.

Are you one of the millions with a pretty collection of beautiful colors and styles of panties? Does it seem like you can’t get enough? I think at the very least a nude Bumbrella would be nice in any lingerie drawer.

Several companies have a panty of the month club that you can get for yourself or give as a gift. You can also have the pleasure of choosing your favorite panty yourself twelve times a year to gift your lover!  It would be a gift that keeps on coming and clings to all her right places. How many times have I said there are endless forms of foreplay? Sexy gifts, deeds, words and touches throughout the day is as good as foreplay because the anticipation builds. Spread out the affection over the day and you’ll both be ready when the moment arises.

I asked Google, “How many men wear panties?” All the choices came up but the first thing that popped out at me is the question, “How many men want to wear panties?” That in itself is a great question. There are groups online for panty-wearing men. Married men too. I think there might be more men wearing them than we are aware of. I wrote my first Panty article in January 2014 with the statistics at 70 percent of men that have tried them on and 20 percent who wear them on a regular basis. Either no one has surveyed since then or the results haven’t changed.

Panties are for everyone, every age, every size. For practicality, fun and pleasure. You can refresh your memory of the first blog here —  Panties-or not? from 2014. Get a Bumbrella panty slip and comment what you think below. Always happy to hear about panties!

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