It’s all about blood flow – treating erectile dysfunction

If you’ve heard commercials for the erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Cialis®, you’ve heard that ED is “all about blood flow.” While blood flow is crucial, there are also psychological reasons that prevent men from obtaining and/or maintaining an erection. Men who think that ED is part of the general decline associated with aging often lose confidence about their sexual performance and this makes the problem worse. No one has told them that ED is NOT a normal sign of aging.  It is a sign of clogged inflamed arteries that can be healed with lifestyle changes.

To understand the cause of ED you have to understand some basic male physiology.The penis contains 2 spongy balloons that are made up of a network of arteries and veins. The arteries bring blood in and the veins carry blood out. When a man is aroused his brain signals the arteries in his penis to relax and allow blood to flow in. As the arteries fill up they squeeze the veins and shut them off. This prevents the outflow of blood and maintains a firm erection. The faster blood flows into the arteries, the firmer an erection will be.

If the arteries in the penis are clogged by atherosclerosis this slows down blood flow and weakens erections. We normally worry about atherosclerosis in the arteries that supply the heart because blockage in those arteries can cause a heart attack and death. While ED won’t kill you, it should still be taken seriously because it is a warning that your small arteries may be clogged and it’s only a matter of time before the larger arteries are also clogged.


Drugs like Viagra® and Cialis® temporarily relax arteries but they don’t unclog them. These drugs work by boosting the effects of nitric oxide, a gas that signals blood vessels to relax. Nitric oxide widens blood vessels all over the body. These drugs work for about 83 percent of people who try them but they may have serious side effects as you’ve heard in the commercials.

If you’re concerned about ED and want to improve blood flow naturally you have to change how you eat. The ONLY way to reverse atherosclerosis and unclog your arteries is to stop eating cholesterol-containing foods. These foods include meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese. This may take a while, so in the meantime you can eat foods that contain nitrates to boost nitric oxide production.

Be careful, nitrates are not nitrites. Nitrites are used to preserve meats and react with protein to form nitrosamines that can cause cancer. Foods that are naturally high in nitrates include:


Pistachios also boosts nitric oxide and sexual performance.

Foods high in citruline also boost nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is made from the amino acids arginine and citruline. Taking arginine is not helpful because it is broken down by digestion. Citruline forms arginine that is then converted to nitric oxide in the cells. Foods high in citruline improve sexual performance. Watermelons are very high in citruline, especially yellow watermelons. Yellow watermelons have four times as much citruline as red watermelons. Blended watermelon pulp makes a delicious refreshing drink.


f you decide that it’s worth eating arugula and giving up chicken to have good sex, you may also want to work on your relationship with your partner. Less than 50 percent of prescriptions for drugs like Viagra are actually refilled each year. This may be because underlying emotional reasons for lack of interest in sex, such as long-standing unresolved resentment and anger, cannot be fixed by taking a pill, eating vegetables or unclogging arteries

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    I find deep breathing (rapid inhalation through nose and slow exhalation through mouth) very helpful in increasing the nitric oxide levels. It also relives stress and anxiety which are the major causes of ED. When this exercise is combined with aerobic excersise (running) for at least 10 minutes and consumption of NO boosters (watermelon), you will be amazed to see the results (you will be back in your teen years of life).

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  • June 27, 2014 at 9:40 AM

    Here is another proof that throwing drugs at any itch is not the best path to health This is true of erection dysfunction drugs. It is also true in general

    The importance of nitric oxide goes beyond boosting erection. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure, helps build muscle and stamina etc.

    Here is a post that shows how nitric oxide benefits erection and general health:

    This post shows why nitric oxide erection is superior to a drug approach.
    Men are now concerned about their health and heeding FDA warnings about the health risks of Viagra-and other drugs like it, and testosterone drugs.

    These drugs can dramatically lower your quality of life-and can even kill you.
    This is not my opinion-this, in essence, is the crux of several FDA safety warnings about these drugs

    Several lawsuits by men who claim injuries from these drugs, are now making their ways through the courts

    This is why the interest in nitric oxide as an erection booster, is generating interest among men who care about their health.

    Nature has the remedies for most of what ail man.
    But the anxiety that erectile dysfunction generates in men, is what drug companies hope to monetize. The profit potential is just too tempting.
    Nitric oxide is just too cheap. You can’t patent it.

    But you can patent drugs, and sell them at exorbitant prices, while keeping potential competitors out

    But the chicken may be coming home to roost in the form of lawsuits against these drug manufacturers.

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