Benefits of Attending a Sports Camp

In America alone, there are 5,600-day camps and more than 8,400 residential camps, according to an American Camp Association report. There are many different types of camps, such as theatre, art, cooking, music, STEM, and even horseback riding camps. But one of the most popular types of summer day camps in the US, are sports camps.

Here’s why these camps are so popular.

1.   Improve Health

Children between the ages of 5 and 17 years should participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each day, according to the World Health Organization. But sadly, most of the children don’t get the recommended levels. The problem is even more severe during summers when there is no school. And this can have a severe impact on the mental and physical well-being of a child. Some of them being:

  • Cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and insulin resistance.
  • Reduced muscle mass and bone density.
  • Increased chances of certain types of cancers.

One of the ways you can ensure that your child gets physical exercise is by getting them into sports camps in Houston, according to experts at Elite Summer Camps. Sports camps make getting physical exercise much more fun than running on a treadmill.

2.   Improve Academic Performance

There have been many studies that have linked physical activity to improved academic performance and mental health. Aerobic exercises improve the flow of blood to the brain. This helps in the better development of the neurons, especially in children. Exercise also stimulates the production of Neurotrophin. Regular physical exercise has also been found to reduce the chances of dementia and other brain disorders later in life.

3.   Boosts Confidence

Around 70% of the children who attend a summer camp experience an increase in self-confidence. This was found in a study done by Philliber Research Associates on camper outcomes. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. Psychologists believe that one of the best ways to improve self-confidence and self-esteem is to set goals for yourself and achieve them. And a sports camp provides plenty of opportunities for that.

4.   Helps Develop Work Ethics

Whether it is a kid’s sports camp in Houston or a professional football match, sports require a level of dedication and commitment for success. Children would be required to follow a timetable, attend training sessions, eat at specific times, etc. Plus, in sports, positive work ethics are rewarded by the coaches. These positive traits stay with the children and help them in other fields as well.

5.   Improves Communication Skills

At sports camp, children from all backgrounds come together. At a summer program in Houston, there might also be kids from Baytown or Deer Park. This diverse group of children helps each other improve their social skills.

Another benefit of sports camps is that there are so easy to find. There is plenty of amazing summer day camps in most major cities, including Houston, TX.