How to Save Money on Blank Thermal Labels – Order Factory Direct

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As the economy contracts, companies need to get even more out of every dollar. From cost-cutting measures to creative alternatives, virtually all areas of a business will be closely scrutinized in an effort to contain costs — including the humble label. Businesses use blank labels and thermal label printers for a wide range of applications including product labeling and packaging, barcodes, inventory control, and shipping.

As such, they may go through thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, of blank thermal labels every month. While thermal label printing is already a cost-effective solution for many large businesses, there may still be room for cost savings. One of the best ways to reduce your costs is to go directly to the source. Rather than buying thermal labels from the local big box warehouse or office supply company, check out the offers from label manufacturers.

For example, DuraFast Label Company manufactures thermal transfer labels for the Canadian and US markets, shipping cartons of labels directly to businesses of all sizes. Buying factory direct means reduced costs in general. However, it gets even better if you order labels by the pallet.

DuraFast Label Company’s labels by the pallet promotion slashes the cost of thermal label rolls dramatically — usually by more than half its normal prices, allowing for substantial savings. This promotion includes direct thermal and thermal transfer labels in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Choose from label rolls on one- or three-inch cores or in fan-folded sheets. Colors include white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, and pink. Most of the thermal labels have perforations and rounded corners. Depending on the label size selected, a single pallet contains anywhere from 120,000 to 720,000 labels.

If you’re printing a high volume of thermal labels each month, buying labels by the pallet makes absolute sense. It’s also advantageous to any business that prints a large quantity of thermal labels each quarter. Buying labels direct from the manufacturer is a great way to get quality labels at a reduced price. Find out more about DuraFast Label Company’s wholesale thermal labels program.