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Ayden Hector – Climate Change. Ways to do more than ‘your bit’

We are all generally in acceptance of Climate Change. Cast your mind back only 10 years and there were still strong scents of government conspiracy theories floating about public discourses. Going to the pub would involve a certain amount of lip biting or biting bait.

Sadly, it seems that if you were once a staunch denier the likelihood of you being an apathetic doomsayer is high likely. Considering a new survey that’s been directed by environmentalist and local journalist Ayden Hector, the convenience of conspiracy theories and the doomsayers of no-hopers is that the net result is always inaction. Quite simply – do nothing!

In a fantastically straight forward and accessible paper, (metaphysically speaking since it’s an online article that has been linked to well-respected environmentalist groups and individuals, Hector outlines some very simple lifestyle alterations that, if 75% of the national population took on, would equate to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 49%. Consider the following three suggestions and see the benefits of taking them on, albeit for 6 months. 

1. Eat less meat
Eating less meat has huge benefits not only for the health of Earth but also for your body and pocket. Eating meat, particularly red meats involve strenuous industrial production techniques along with the destructive nature of monoculture farming to precious field spaces. This all equates to excessive methane gasses from these blighted animals along with land restricted to just one use. It has also been scientifically proven that fats and enzymes along with hormone injections to increase meat yield has directly affected the increase of obesity, health-related disease and even cancer.

By decreasing or even quitting altogether, you can help yourself whilst doing your bit for the environment. It also cuts 45% of an average monthly food bill. That’s food for thought!

2. Take Public Transport
Instead of relying on your car, especially for those short bursts to the supermarket or to whizz the kids over to their friends on weekends, try looking into your local public transport network. We all know that cars equal conveyance but they also equal 3rd main contributor to CO2 emissions in the last 5 years across the States. Taking public transport can be daunting if you haven’t in a while, but the opportunities it offers to engage in random conversation as well as allow some precious reading time, it’s worth a shot. Again- it will save on the fuel costs of that ever-increasing price tag of petrol!

3. Holiday Nationally.
Holidays are always a great chance to experience something different. Whether it’s with the family, friends or by yourself, it’s an opportunity to get some perspective on your thoughts. Since travel has been increasingly restricted anyway with the Corona Virus along with more people looking to holiday in their home country, there has been a new wave of discoveries in the simple pleasures of English seaside’s and elegant rural accommodation. By reducing the travel to road vehicles, CO2 emissions aren’t being directly pumped into the stratosphere along with a reduction of 93%. Again, it’s a cheaper alternative so it’s an all-round healthier alternative.


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