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John Eilermann St Louis on Why Traveling When You’re Older Is Better

I have traveled a great deal during my lifetime, starting from my early 20s and continuing right up until the present day. For me, travel is the norm but for John Eilermann St Louis is the place where he has called home all of his life, and he really hasn’t ventured much further than the state of Missouri. For this reason, I wanted to take my friend away for a trip last year, to which he replied ‘aren’t we too old’ I hear this a lot when I’m online or when I’m traveling and the fact of the matter is that no, there is no age limit on travel and the in reality, traveling is way more fun when you are older, just as John found out when we headed off to Medellin for a few days, and here is why.


There is a certain romance to backpacking the world broke, but the truth is that travel is so often better when you have cash on the hip and generally as an older traveler this is the case. I have far more fun than I could have done when I was younger and that is because of the financial freedom which I now have thanks to a lifetime of working.


The thing about traveling when you are younger is that the whole thing is about freedom rather than exploration, in most cases anyway. The party atmosphere is what it is all about for the younger traveler and whilst that is a great deal of fun, you don’t appreciate the things which you are seeing. As an older person, however, life moves at a slower pace and that means that you can stop and smell the flowers, so to speak, when you hit the road.


There’s is so much less pressure on your shoulders when you travel as an older person than when you are younger, and that is something which I really enjoy. There’s the pressure of traveling before you settle down or knowing when to stop and when you are older you just don’t have that problem.


As an older man, I definitely know what I want from a trip and that is something which makes traveling so much easier and more relaxed than it used to be. I am more than happy some days, just sitting on the beach with a book, rather than looking to tick every attraction off the list, and this is something which both John and I did when we went away, exactly what we wanted.

Not only is traveling when you are older more fun, but there also are so many health benefits which you can count on when you head off traveling too, and it is certainly something which can help you to stay young in mind and body. There are scientific studies which back this up as well, and it has been proven that those who travel more, live longer.


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