Avocado Leaf Tea

You can love your avocado toast, avocado oil, but I love avocado leaf tea.  Emerging in the past couple of years on to the tea market was the Avocado Tea Co which offers a selection of four naturally decaffeinated avocado leaf teas (natural, lemon blend, chamomile blend, peach blend) plus a caffeinated option of a black tea blend.  Avocado Tea Co was a winner of the Global Tea Championship and a winner of the People’s Tea Choice Award at the 2019 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas with their avocado leaf teas.

I was gobsmacked when I tasted the “natural” flavor of Avocado Tea Co. with its depth of flavor and aroma reminiscent of its namesake at this past summer’s International Fancy Food Show.  As a tea drinker who adds nothing to my teas, tea aromas and flavor are everything.  Avocado leaf tea was my walk away favorite from all the new and established specialty food and beverage items at the show.  I wasn’t the only one, Florence Fabricant of the New York Times – Front Burner expounded upon this new tea.

Each tea bag in its eco-friendly pyramid bags will steep two cups of tea, both cups are full-bodied.  Served hot or cold, with or without sweetener, a cup of Avocado Leaf Tea is a great addition to any tea drinker’s stash of teas.