8 Ways to add spark to a relationship

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Whether you are long married, newlywed, or engaged, there are times when you need to breathe a little life into your relationship. We tend to take our significant other for granted sometimes, or maybe buying a house or planning a wedding is straining the relationship, but the good thing is that there are things you can do to reignite the fire in your relationship.

Below are some eight ways that will go a long way in helping you discover your partner in a whole new way. Some of them can seem like small and simple gestures, but they will prove to be effective.

1. Recreating your first date

When your reminiscence about the start of your relationship, it can remind both of you why you fell in love with each other in the first place. Recreating your early dates, talking about the way you felt the first day you met, holding hands, and recommitting to each other will help a lot.

2. Doing something you have not done before as a couple

Whether it is going for a hike, going out dancing, a zip-line adventure, or enrolling for a pottery class, doing something you have not been doing together can be a good way of breaking the routine and both of you might experience some excitement about your life and your significant other. If you would like to experiment in the bedroom take a look at Loveplugs.co.

 3. Looking at your partner the way other people look at her

If you have been together for a couple of years, you might have started looking at your partner as someone who leaves dirty dishes in the sink, leaves hair on the drain, or keeps telling people the same story in gatherings or parties. What other people might be seeing when they look at them is a funny, fun, and energetic person – and they are also able to notice the things you do for each other (things that you no longer notice). Go out with another couple then somewhere in the conversation mention how great your partner can be.

 4. Speaking the “love language” of your partner

The idea behind “love language” is: people want, perceive, and understand love in different ways – this can be through quality time, physical time, or words of affirmation – you need to be speaking the “love language” of your partner if you want to give them the love they crave. One way of knowing the love language of your partner is by asking them what love means to them. If she says touching or holding, then you need to do more physical contact with her. If your partner feels loved when you do chores, then you should have some time in your day where you do a little clean-up work.

5. Writing a love letter

There are times when all we need is slowing down and telling our significant others that we appreciate them. Noting down the things that you love and appreciate about your partner can bring you closer.

 6. Setting aside time to spend with each other without any distractions

Living with your partner or spending most of the time glued to your smartphones can mean the time you are spending with each other is not quality. You should set aside time every week where you spend time just the two of you at home. You will be looking forward to this time – and you can even spend some time on your appearance before this time. When you are together, you will be able to relax because you both know that is where you want to be more than anywhere else.

7. Reassessing your values

When you were starting out the relationship together, you might have come up with values and goals – such as buying a home, completing a marathon, and seeing your family at least once every month – but there is a chance the values and goals have changed over the years and you have started drifting apart. If this is your situation, you might be feeling a little bit disconnected from your significant other and you have started questioning whether you are still on the same page. Talking with your partner about the things you are looking to achieve in the next ten or five ways, and what is currently important to you will help you get realigned.

8. Seeing a counselor

You might see this as not necessary because you just need a little spark in your relationship – but you need to keep in mind that counseling can be great when it comes to improving communicating between the two of you and relieving any tensions that might have affected the spark in the relationship.