5 rookie mistakes at speed dating events

 Speed dating is exciting, and people all over the globe are enjoying singles nights events. Will you meet your soul mate through speed dating? If that is your goal, here are 5 rookie mistakes you should try to avoid…

1. Don’t get drunk!

You might get alcoholic drinks. With the wine comes the truth. Could be nice, could be a big mistake! Sip slowly on your drink and stay focused. Even better, ask for an alcohol-free beverage.

2. Don’t judge by looks

Try to listen to the person you are talking to and stay open-minded. You never know what might come from a conversation. If this person isn’t the one, their best friend might be!

3. Don’t disregard the bell

Even if you meet someone exciting, you have to respect the bell. When it rings, you shake hands and say goodbye for now. Move on and make sure that the dating event runs smoothly. It is important for you and everyone participating.

4. Mind your breath!

Talking to many people in a row might leave you with a dry mouth. And a bad breath! Bring the props you need to stay fresh in the mouth.

5. Don’t talk about other dates

Not the ones you just talked to during the speed dating, and not special friends from your past. Show the person you are talking to genuine interest. Make the most of your time together!