6 Reasons we prefer Streaming Services over traditional TV

Image by FrankundFrei from Pixabay

Cutting cords has become more like a norm in recent years. While the popular streaming services have gained, traditional TV is dying as everyone is switching to streaming services. And why not? People have a lot of reasons to switch to streaming services for top-notch entertainment.

Here are all the top reasons why our generation prefers streaming services over cable TV services:


One of the biggest reasons why people began to cut down on cable TV is the ever-increasing prices of cable services. If anything a house must have these days is access to the internet connection. And that is all that streaming sites require to work. Even if you add in the subscription price of your streaming accounts it will cost you way less than the monthly cable TV bills.

What you need to consider taking care of at your end is a reliable internet connection and a smart device to get the best out of streaming services. Many service providers also offer amazing promotions that come with multiple internet plans and a price-lock for at least a year so you can enjoy unlimited streaming without worrying about extra fees.

We can easily mention AT&T internet plans here that not only provide exceptional download speeds for your streaming services to run smoothly but also offer unlimited data allowance. With the multiple device connectivity that AT&T internet offers, you can easily stream videos on your smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Ad-free entertainment

Let’s be honest, nobody likes constant bugging in between their favorite show or movie. We all remember how annoying commercial breaks were as they popped up every 10 minutes whenever we were watching TV. Thank goodness it’s not the same case with streaming sites.

You can binge-watch all that you want and there will be no commercials to interrupt you in between your favorite movies or series. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus are some of the top ad-free streaming services that provide you with seamless entertainment without any commercial breaks.

Convenient access to content

Streaming sites undoubtedly have huge content libraries with a vast range of options to pick and watch from. Unfortunately, your options get limited with cable and satellite TV. The number of channels and variety of content you can get from traditional TV is often limited and you only get to choose with a few clicks.

Whereas streaming sites have a range of movies and TV series from all genres including action, comedy, fiction, rom-com, and whatnot. You can pick whatever you like according to your mood. Be it an old classic or a new release, you will probably find that lying in your streaming site’s library.

Streaming services give you better access to additional media channels and the top feature you get to enjoy with streaming services is the convenience to watch that it offers. You can download content for offline viewing, fast words shoes to your favorite part, resume, and get back to watching from the same point where you left your show.

While with traditional Cable TV you’ll have to pay for DVR charges separately to avail of all these features. The convenience to watch is what moved many people to give up on their traditional cable TV service.

Better content quality

Content quality is guaranteed with streaming services as the majority of the streaming services have all the content in full HD programming. Better video quality and crisp sound effects are what enhance your viewing experience a hundred times more.

By far Netflix has the largest list of titles in Ultra HD 4K resolution. So you own a 4K TV and planning to switch to streaming sites completely then get ready to be thrilled because the quality of content you’ll enjoy is going to be unmatchable.

Better parental controls

Most of the streaming services offer you the option to limit the access for your children to view certain channels and content. With advanced parental controls, you can prevent your kids from viewing inappropriate content. The number of content streaming services offer only for kids is more than enough to grab their attention toward that only.

So you don’t have to worry about leaving your kids alone with their favorite series knowing you have set the controls according to your preferences and they won’t come across any content that isn’t age-appropriate.

No-contract policies

Another big reason to choose streaming services is that they come with no contracts. You have the freedom to subscribe to a service for as long as you want to and discontinue using it whenever you feel like it. It won’t bound you to stick to a contract unwantedly.

Like many cable TV services that impose long-term contracts on their customers and charge them with early termination fee in case they want to cancel the contract before the due date.

Wrapping it up:

There are many more benefits and reasons to switch on to streaming sites. We have only mentioned above the top ones. The choice is yours if you would stick to your traditional cable or satellite TV service or finally take a step ahead to unplug the cord and switch to streaming services. One thing we guarantee you is that you won’t miss out on a lot as most of the streaming services offer live TV streaming options too.