4 Important Ways to Work With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

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It’s not enough to hire a personal injury lawyer; you also need to work closely with your legal counsel. In order for the lawyer to protect your interests, there are several things that you should do. Here are four examples of how you can work effectively with your Markham personal injury lawyer and have a better chance of winning the case.

Tell It All – Even the Embarrassing Parts

Nothing short of full disclosure to your legal counsel will do. Even if there are some aspects of the events related to the injury that are a little embarrassing, tell your lawyer everything. While the information may never need to be discussed in court, you’ve given the legal counsel what’s needed to respond if the other party happens to bring those same facts up. It’s always easier to defuse an issue when you know about it in advance.

The same goes for information that you think may not have any real impact on the case. That’s something your lawyer needs to decide. More than one personal injury suit resulted in a different outcome because of some minor detail that seemed unimportant to the injured party, but turned out to be crucial.

Leave All Communication With the Other Party to Your Legal Counsel

Your lawyer is the buffer between you and the other party. Whether it attempts to contact you by phone, text, email, or in person, engagement on your part must be off the table. Make it clear that all communications, even those that seem to be innocuous, are to go through your legal counsel.

The reason for this is simple. The other party, that party’s legal counsel, or representatives from the party’s insurance company will look for ways to shift at least part of the responsibility for the injury to your shoulders. By not engaging them directly, you eliminate the possibility of saying anything that might be used to undermine the case. Rest assured that your lawyer will know how to respond to any queries appropriately.

Discuss the Case Only With Your Lawyer

When your lawyer advises you to not discuss the case with anyone else, take that literally. Something that’s said to a third party can easily get back to the opposing counsel and create some degree of doubt about your claims. The person you talk with may not say anything, but you never know when someone else may be listening. If you need to discuss any aspect of the case, do it with your legal counsel.

Avoid Places and People That Could Compromise the Case

Until your case is settled and the judgment is final, it may be best if you avoid interacting with certain people and make sure you’re not seen in certain places. In reality, this isn’t just about avoiding appearances that could have a negative effect on the case; it’s also about focusing your energies on recovering from your injuries. If your lawyer recommends that you stay away from certain places and people, follow that advice.

Your personal injury lawyer will take every action allowed by the law to protect your interests. Do your part and make sure your legal counsel knows all there is to know about the events leading up to the injury. Follow the lawyer’s advice to the letter. By working together, the potential for a desirable outcome is much greater.

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