These 3 Content Marketing Tips Will Save you Hours

So many marketers think that content marketing is a tedious activity and needs to take a ton of time. They spend hours and hours crafting new blog posts, manually reformatting posts from Google Docs over to WordPress and training loads of content writers.

This is a very inefficient way of managing your content marketing efforts.

In this post, we bring three of our top content marketing strategies that will help you automate your content marketing machine.

1. Quality over quantity

Since it takes 6-12 months for a piece of content to start ranking on top of the search results it’s not a good idea to focus on content quantity.

It’s a much better strategy to focus on the quality of your posts and keep on optimizing and improving them over time.

For example, one of the leading SEO experts, Brian Dean, only has around 100-150 posts on his blog. And he has been writing for ages.

What Brian does is he goes back to his older and most successful posts and updates them with new keywords, better graphics, and more content. This way he makes sure that they continue to rank on top of the search results.

2. Use wordpigeon to export Docs to WordPress

Our second tip is literally going to save you hours and hours of time every week. WordPigeon is a tool that lets you export your Google Docs to WordPress seamlessly and with one click.

Normally, if you want to export your Google Doc into WordPress it would take you an hour or two. You would have to manually copy and paste all the text, and then save all of your images and upload them into WordPress one by one.

And finally, none of your formatting would transfer over. So you would have to manually change all your headers back into H1-3 tags and format all of your bullet points and numbered lists.

All of this as you can imagine would take a good chunk of time per article, and now you don’t have to do any of it. Just use WordPigeon to export your Docs into WordPress with one click and save yourselves hours of time each week.

3. Repurpose all of your content

Another great way to make your content marketing efforts more efficient is to repurpose your content. This means that a blog post you write could be then used for several social media posts, a pdf guide, a YouTube video and much more.

Just take the content that you wrote in the blog post and summarize it and reformat it to be used for other platforms. This way you can save loads of time and you don’t have to hire specialists for social media or for content.

You can work with a much smaller and more efficient content team and get even more done in more platforms.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 3 marketing tips to optimize your content marketing machine. Here they are again: repurpose your content, focus on quality by optimizing old posts, and use WordPigeon to export all of your Google Docs into WordPress effortlessly.

If you use these three tips you will see a huge change in your efficiency and traffic.