4 Best Campus Novels To Get You In The Mood Of Fall

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By campus novel, we mean the novel, which takes place in and around a university or campus, and we often call it an academic novel. If we check, then this type of novel dates back to the early 1950s. Readers often feel a sense of being transported to the university while reading these novels. The emotional and sensory experience of attending university gets depicted through campus novels. People often walk down their memory lane of attending college, and nostalgia hits them with the novels.

Readers will find a connection between the fall and start of the academic year. With the fall season arriving, readers can look back and see that they used to prepare for the start of their academic year. In this article, we will discuss about 4 novels that will help you get in the mood for fall. You can get great deals and offers by using the vouchers from Booktopia.

1. Real Life by Brandon Taylor

The Alabama born American author Brandon Taylor sets the story of Real Life in a graduate school. We see Wallace, a character, pursuing degree biochemistry. A black and queer introverted young man, he left his family but not the shadow of his childhood. In this novel, the author lets us experience the growing relationship between Wallace and Miller, a white and heterosexual man. Those who had a challenging time in college will feel less lonely while reading this novel. The author has brilliantly captured the racial dynamics and problems of friendship.

 2. Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas

Catherine House is a campus novel that was written in a way to set it apart from others. The institution Catherine House has a long list of known and famous alumni. Very few students get admission to this institution, and it comes with various extra curriculums. The institution does not let the students go out of the campus for three years, which even includes the summer months. Ines arrives here intending to study hard and leave the party life behind. But eventually, she discovers the hidden agenda of the school. Catherine House is a campus novel, which also includes a touch of thriller and mystery. Buy this book from isubscribe and get amazing deals.

 3. The Idiot by Elif Batuman

The author in this novel has amazingly captured the intellectual feeling of attending an institution or college. The main character Selin, a daughter of a Turkish immigrant has joined Harvard as a freshman. With time she develops a strange relationship with a boy from Hungary, Ivan, a math student. We see that both of them have a budding relationship, which occurs through emails, considered new at that time. The Idiot is a novel set in 1995. Those who miss the feeling of school will love this novel as it provides the reader with things to think about. The novel also utilizes a dry sense of humor and a strong sense of place.

 4. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

This novel, based on the early ‘80s, mainly focuses on Madeleine, an English major who is in her senior year and currently writing her thesis. She compiles her thesis on the marriage plot that she notices in various novels. In her semiotic seminar, she gets interested in a student named Leonard. Soon they develop a relationship that comprises intellectual and romantic aspects. Most of the time, they discuss the nature of love. But on the other hand, one of Madeleine’s past acquaintances has made it his goal to marry her.

These novels help you transport back to your college days and get you in the mood for fall. Use the vouchers from indiancoupons.in to get the best deal on these novels.