1ST Mariner Arena returns to its name: The Baltimore Arena

Press Release

The Arena in Baltimore returns to its recognizable name The Baltimore Arena. In an effort to maintain continuity and historical integrity during the naming rights transition, The 1st Mariner Arena will return to The Baltimore Arena as its official name.

The 1st Mariner Bank naming rights’ contract expired earlier this year. Legends Sports and Marketing continues to actively pursue prospective partners. George Manias, Vice President of Sponsorships and Naming Rights stated, “we have had positive ongoing discussions with a number of prospective partners, however, a deal of this magnitude typically takes anywhere from twelve to twenty-four months to complete.  So, in the interim, Legends as well as the principals at the Arena felt it best to return to the familiar and recognizable Baltimore Arena name.”

Frank Remesch, General Manager further added, “…It’s always difficult during the transitional period between naming rights. We are fortunate that the Baltimore Arena is easily identified by our patrons and the business community. We are proud of our history as The Baltimore Arena. As we look toward the future, The Baltimore Arena continues to make history and solidify our historic presence in Charm City…”

The Arena will use the original Baltimore Arena logo and begin the change process via its phone system and website. Patrons and visitors to our site will still be able to reach the official website by using www.1stmarinerarena.com or www.baltimorearena.com.