10 home improvement hacks for an easy life

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As a UK Desperate Housewife in the USA, I’ve learned a few tricks about how to make my life easier at home so that I can enjoy the fun stuff that I blog about. Who wants to be stuck doing all the household chores every day, constantly cleaning and clearing away when we live in one of the most fun and progressive states and can be out there making the most of our lives?

So, here are my top ten creative ways to make an easier life at home, and then you can get out there and get on with the fun and exciting things. Think of it as a productive workout!


Owning a home is easy but organizing it is very difficult, but adopting different creative ideas you can organize your home in a smart, and easy way – and you can do a little work out doing it.

Here are some 10 home improvement life hacks for an easy life.

  1.       Use the space underneath your stairs

Get organized by using the space, and make shelves or drawers under your stairs. Use these shelves for keeping books, shoes or wine bottles or you can make a showcase for displaying your collectibles.

  1.       Use wine racks for holding things.

Wine racks are perfect for keeping the towels, and other accessories. Use your old wine racks and some cylindrical tumblers you own to reduce the mess of organizing things.

  1.       Use old drawers for making wall shelves.

Hinge your old drawers on walls and use them for holding magazines and other gears, you can also make your own wall storage hangers and assign each of them to different family members.

  1.       Add storage to the entry

Ease your life by adding storage for shoes and keys at the entrance of your home. Utilize baskets for keeping footwear and keep them under the small-scaled table that fits beside the entrance door. Do add a key holder at the back of the door to access all your keys easily when needed.

  1.       Create an easily maintained backyard.

Add potted plants and outdoor furniture to your patio, and create an attractive backyard by adding a colorful mixture of eclectic chairs and easy-to-cleaned tiles. Opt out for garden space that requires a lot of maintenance.

Consider including low-maintenance trees and shrubs in your landscaping. Also, you can schedule regular tree maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking its best with minimal effort

  1.       Use magnet strips for keeping metallic things.

Stick magnetic strips on kitchen walls and in cabinets to keep scissors, knives, pins, and other metallic kitchen instruments organized.

  1.       Use hanging space from curtain rods.

Use an extra shower curtain rod at the wall side for hanging scarves, accessories, and towels. Add an extra rod under your sink cabinets for hanging cleaning spray bottles and scrubs.

  1.       Organize the mess of wires using easy methods.

Use Velcro for sticking wires to the walls and store your gadgets without annoying cords on the floor. Label the cords with a tag while installing them in electronics, and use paper clips to organize your cables at the computer table.

  1.       Have a better way to recycle your waste.

Install chutes in your kitchen for directly dropping trash in the waste box kept outside your home. Eliminate the need to go outside to drop trash bags manually into the garbage box and keep your kitchen clean all the time.

  1.   Use a creative cabinet.

Use pull-out cabinets to have increased counter space whenever needed. Help yourself clean and maintain them, and give a smart improved feature to your modern home.

Use all the above 10 life hacks for improving your home in order to have an easy life, all these hacks optimize your space and give you an easy and effective way of making your life organized and relaxed. If you are planning for home improvement on a very low budget, go easy and try these.

Now go and have fun out there kids!