Word on the Street holds barbeque for Baltimore’s homeless

Under cloudy skies, a barbeque for the homeless was held on Saturday morning at the St. Vincent De Paul Park in Baltimore.  Baltimore Post-Examiner blogger Bonnie Lane, a reporter for Word on the Street, the city’s first paper published by the homeless,  helped coordinate the event.  B’more’s own Duane “Shorty” Davis was just one of the cooks serving up the grilled food.

A very nice crowd was on hand to enjoy the meal and there was even a DJ at the ready to pipe in some music. There were also plenty of selfless volunteers from a wide  variety of groups to make it all come together.  Lane told me: “All the food was donated.”

Popular City Councilman Bill Henry made an appearance and made the rounds greeting old and new friends alike. Blessings on all who were involved in this wonderful enterprise.

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Shorty Davis works the grill.
Shorty Davis works the grill.