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10 Breweries in 7 Days

Welcome to our virtual brewery tour. In the coming weeks we will revisit with you our seven-day, 10-brewery Northeast tour with plenty of amazing stories about some of the greatest beer in America.

This  tour was unlike anything we had ever done before.  Our Northeast tour stretched over nine states, 1,300 miles and more than 25 driving hours.  While so many chose the beach vacation and just bake in the sun, we chose a vacation that involved hard work. Don’t laugh. This was a strictly educational beer vacation.

We saw everything from America’s oldest continuous brewery to America’s largest craft brewery and along the way we meet some of the best people in the beer industry.  Our series “10 Breweries in 7 Days” will feature the breweries we were able to visit. And if you have a brewery not on our list – drop us an email, and we will include it in our next tour.

So sit back and open a cold one, and let us be your educational guides to Beer Tours 101.

(Video by Thomas Conner)

Next week, we visit New England Brewing Company.

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Thomas Conner

Thomas Conner, the 'Beer Dude' has known to taste and make some of the finest beers in Charm City. He figures he has made more beer than he drank or is that vice versa. He doesn't remember. If you catch him at a nearby Baltimore establishment drinking a beer, he reminds us sternly, it's solely for research purposes. He doesn't jot down notes. In fact, he highly recommends not drinking and writing because it interferes with the tasting. As always, he brings along a designated note-taker who also multi-tasks by driving him home. Drink and write responsibly and never at the same time is his motto. If you would like him to test out your establishment's home brew, just pretend you're at the O's game, and yell, "Beer man." He'll hear you. Contact the author.

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