Women must love Romney and his magic underwear

I was perusing Facebook, well, the correct Internet term is trolling, anyway, while trolling Facebook I came upon the photo at left: two men marching down a street holding a banner that says, “Missouri Women for Mitt.” And just one woman in the photo. Talk about irony.

Makes you wonder if anyone in the Mitt Campaign, or the Republican Party of Missouri, put any thought into the optics of that visual: two men marching down a street holding that particular banner.

You’d think that to prove their point that there are indeed women in Missouri who support Mitt Romney, and really, who seriously doubts there are some female Romney supporters in Missouri, the fine creators of that organization, Missouri Women for Mitt, would have had two women holding the banner and a slew of them pressed up behind the banner so that when the pictures were taken, which as we can see photos were snapped, we would see not two, but many women for Mitt. Not two men.

Which leads one to think that maybe, possibly, we should doubt there are women in Missouri who support Mitt Romney.

Or at the very least the women who do support Mitt want to remain anonymous. Is there a plausible explanation for this: two men holding the banner that says “Missouri Women for Mitt” and absolutely no women to be found marching with them?

I mean where’s the binder of women? Maybe the binder’s just  little black book with only one name in it from Missouri.

Of course it helps that the Obama-Biden ticket has a cudgel they can use on Romney that being the “47 percent” recording. They’ve used it in at least two campaign ads that I can think of and no telling how many pro-Democrat superpacs are using it.

Admonishing the 47 percent who don’t pay federal income taxes and the millions who receive some kind of government assistance, including veterans, for not taking responsibility for their lives — dude, no bueno.

But that isn’t the extent of it. The GOP’s relentless war on women began in January 2011 when his party took control of the House of Representatives.

That played a huge part in it too because Romney, to please the extreme fringe of his party, adopted their extreme views to garner their nomination and to keep them on board for the elections he’s gone as extreme as them in the general election, instead of tacking to the center to try and win over moderates and independents.

So, Romney is tied to his party’s extreme positions, now it appears right up until election day and there’s no way to wiggle out of it without losing what little support he still has with the base of his own party. And of course the base of his party loves his remarks in that “47 percent” recording so he can’t really wiggle away from that either, allowing the Democrats to use it as a cudgel to beat him and the GOP every day until Nov. 6, 2012.

Then there are the crazy ones in the GOP that are tied to the party and Romney-Ryan. The list is long, but here are a few: Joe Walsh of Illinois, Allen West of Florida, good old Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and of course, Todd Akin of Missouri, who is locked in as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, opposing Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill.




Ah, Todd Akin — legitimate  rape  and … the alternative? Who knows what he was talking about (he sure didn’t), but now that Akin can no longer be removed from the ballot the GOP leadership has decided to support Akin and McCaskill is pulling out all of Akin’s most egregious comments made over the years to show the voters of Missouri just how out of step Akin is with reality.

Forget how out of step politically, he’s out of step with reality. The beautiful thing about Facebook is everyone with an opinion expresses those thoughts, often with funny “e-cards,” like the ones featured in this post. Granted, there are some pointed at President Obama and the Democrats, but they’re not funny and most often they’re filled with hatred and some are extremely racist.

So when you think about the idea that there are women in Missouri that support Mitt Romney and the Republicans, there may not be that many who want to admit to it publicly. OK maybe Jenna Jameson was running late and couldn’t make it to hold up that sign in Missouri.

But Jenna for Romney?


Maybe she likes his magic underwear.

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