Wine in the Woods: More than just wine

The clouds were layered with various shades of gray as we travelled south on 95, toward the darkest and most menacing part of the sky.

The trees quivered with anticipation of the coming storm but we were undaunted.

We were on our way to Columbia’s Wine in the Woods.

Wine and rain.
Wine and rain.

The rain was only a light drizzle when we arrived and walked with teams of people sporting umbrellas and plastic coverings. Everyone was in a festive mood.

When we got closer to the entrance we were met with a little heavier rain and what seemed like an exodus out. A stream of people with squinted faces and dripping hair were making a b-line for their days plan b but we trudged on.

And we don’t regret a thing. Once inside we found hundreds of adventurous wine enthusiasts and festival-goers sitting at picnic tables, dancing in front of the stages and crowding around the tents where wine was flowing.

More than 30 wineries including Baltimore’s own Boordy Vinyards  provided an opportunity to taste wines and learn about the nuances of each selection.

There were seminars on how to care for wine and how to pair it with food.

Since I wasn’t partaking in the actual tastings I milled about enjoying the work of 50 different artisans and more than 12 restaurants. I listened to live music and did a lot of people watching, too, and I came home happy to have been a part of it.

Wine in the Woods continues on Sunday, May 19. I recommend getting there early so that you can get a picnic table. I also recommend bringing your rain gear just in case!

Read more about Wine in the Woods here.

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