Windows 11 vs Windows 10, which is better?

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For beginners, it is important to understand that Microsoft has the typical update streak where one version of their software is amazing, and later, the next is scary. Why? Because have many bugs, bad optimization, and several details that make those versions very uncomfortable to use.

And they are, maybe those mistakes are the reason which Microsoft learns the needs of their users and launch the most useful operative system. Of course, thanks to all the old versions, the users are used to this, for example, when Microsoft launched Windows XP, was successful.

It was after when they launched Windows Vista that they got serious problems. Had lack of compatibility, the requirements were above the standard, in short, it was a failure.

Why could Windows 11 mean the end of Microsoft’s Streak?

Alright, maybe Windows Vista was not a total failure, because was thanks to those mistakes that Microsoft was able to reinvent itself and create Windows 7. Thereafter, was the same, they launched Windows 8 and was a version highly criticized. Until that time, when they launched Windows 10 and was the definitive version.

Windows 10, definitely was the best version of Windows, since was a version that had everything, minimal apparency, excellent performance and these are only a few characteristics.

So, when they announced Windows 11, the typical opinion was, “Okay, definitely it will be terrible” or that was the opinion that many agreed with. Because in this case, Windows 11 managed to attract attention.

Therefore, besides the excellent marketing, the reality was that Windows 11 was a very striking version, and Microsoft with each announcement only promised more. And exactly, the same past with Windows 8.

Better interface and many characteristics, maybe Windows 11 is a version that needs more development or maybe is just a dream. It is important to know about the difference and advantages of Windows 11 and its predecessor Windows 10.

Why is Windows 11 better than Windows 10?

First, is important to stand out the characteristics that Windows 10 has because Windows 10 was and is one of the best operative systems in the XXI. Windows 10 has managed to stand out from the competition. Windows 11 pro online activation key has the same price than Windows 10.

What are the Windows 10’s features?

Usually, Windows 10 was the final version of the operative system of windows, and Microsoft was just going to update, upgrade some details, repair some bugs, and that type of thing.

So, thanks to that, this Windows version has a number considerable of features that make it an excellent operative system. For example:

  • According to the features of your pc, the system going to use the hardware. It is said, that if you have a pc with 32 bits, 2 GB of Ram, and an Intel Pentium with 1.20 GHz so that your pc doesn’t explode, the Windows 10 only going to install and use the required components to work.  Of course, if you have that type of PC is better that you install a Windows 7.
  • Although the previous characteristic is very useful, we can find other amazing features like its interface, such as was mentioned previously, has a minimalist interface. Which is easier to use than Windows 8, which is a big improvement
  • On another side, with Windows 10 the multitasking function arrived, that awesome option that with just press Alt Tab you can better control your workspace in Windows. For example, if you want to pass a program to another in a minimum amount of time, you just have to press those buttons.
  • Besides, with this system, Microsoft adds a touch mode, that is easier to use than the Windows 8 touch mode. Has compatibility with other devices, and they have improved the customization system, adding white and black mode, among other things.

What are the Windows 11 features?

Just talking about the Windows 10 wonders, Windows 11 probably doesn’t have much to talk about, but the reality is different. Because Windows 11 was one of the versions most expected, and of course, this has its reasons.

  • One of the first features, and one of the features most remarkable is the redesign, in this version of the operative system. Because, although the minimal interface of Windows 10 attracted attention, Microsoft’s team has managed to improve one more time. With new icons and a different taskbar, the appearance of this Windows is more striking.

So, which is the best version of Windows?

In short words, these Windows have many differences, and one of the main differences is the fact that if you have a processor manufactured before 2016, you may have to forget to update. But there is no reason to worry because although Windows 11 is supposed to be a more stable version, some users already found errors. By the way, you can buy a cheap Windows keys on Revolution Soft.

So, Windows 11 is a good update, but if you don’t want to find some errors, like the incompatibility with AMD processors, or poor performance and memory in some applications, is a good option to stay with Windows 10 for now.