Why Your Bed Makes All the Difference on the First Date

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Romantic comedies have made searching for love look so easy.

Isn’t that annoying? The boy meets a girl. She instantly falls in love. The chemistry is impeccable, and the sex – so great that even the neighbors have to go for a smoke. Although everything goes great, somewhere by the end of the story, there’s a sudden turn (typically the emergence of a toxic ex or a jealous best friend, sabotaging the relationship), following dramatic reconciliation in the rain. Right after, there are tears, kisses, wedding bells, and the deal is sealed – they live happily ever after.

Okay, what the hell? If you’re looking for love, you know that it isn’t that easy.

Finding the Date

First of all, you have to find the right person. It’s not like you’re going to shout that you’re looking for a date in the street. And we’re sure that you’ve already given up hopes of meeting your better half by the pasta shelf in Walmart. Instead, be prepared for many unsuccessful blind dates, inevitably leading to creating an account on a dating app.

Generally, with the emergence of dating sites, any kind of romanticism has gone through the window. Instead, you are sure to encounter a lot of rather mundane issues.

First, you have to find a good app that won’t scam you. We strongly recommend reading the app comparisons online, as they cover the essential features of the sites you’re looking into. Plus, they can give you many useful tricks on how to use the app; for instance, SPdate review can teach you how to recognize a bot that slid into your DMs, so you don’t end up dating a fake person. Trust us, this happens. Don’t even ask.

Then you’re swiping left for hours just to find a match. And when you eventually have a date, you still have to figure out a way to get a person to bed. Surprisingly, the bed itself is also a significant factor, deciding whether the date will be successful or not. Why?

Why Your Bed Matters

There are three main reasons why a bed is so important on the first date.

A Bed Says a Lot About You

First of all, your bed says a lot about who you are as a person. Sleeping on a bare mattress on the floor may be comfortable and good for your back, but it’s not necessarily sexy; it can also make your date think that you’re sloppy or broke, which can sabotage a future relationship.

On the other hand, a king-size bed might give the impression of money and high-quality life. If it’s nicely decorated too (think candles, lamps, nice sheets), your date might be much more interested in spending the night in it. Overall, it has to look welcoming, cozy, and clean. If it smells nice, it’s also a significant asset.

Speaking of sheets… Oof, don’t get us even started on that. Your sheets say more about you than you ever will. The man with a bed with classic white sheets differs significantly from the woman sleeping under Spongebob sheets. Black satin sheets scream “sexy,” but might be a bit too provocative, as they right away suggest a one night stand.

On the other hand, floral sheets might make your date get reminded of their grandma – and it’s not necessarily a good thing when you try to get into their pants, right?

Always remember that your sheets really make a difference as they expose your personality and approach to dating. Choose them wisely.

A Bed Is Where Everything Happens

Your bed is the center of attention when you come home with a potential partner. First cuddles? Bed. Spontaneous pillow fight? Bed. Netflix & Chill? Bed. Sexy foreplay? We don’t have to tell you.

Plus, the bed is the place where romance happens. Although passionate sex can happen everywhere, nothing will be as encouraging and mind-igniting as a nice, comfortable sleeping place. Whether it’s a casual hook up or something more serious, good sex is only better when a good bed accompanies it.

A bed is also the place where the relationship might evolve. Of course, the relationship’s future depends not only on the bed itself but also on what happens in it next. Are you going to prepare your date breakfast in bed? Will you decorate it in rose petals on Valentine’s day?

Keep in mind that a bed is where the romance is born and where the relationship lasts.

A Bed Is a Deciding Factor Whether They Will Come Back

The bed might be the factor deciding whether your date will stay the night or not – and also whether they will ever come back for the second date.

Just think about it: you don’t want to sleep with someone who doesn’t have a place for you, so you have to squeeze uncomfortably next to the wall like an unwanted guest. Just one pillow on a bed might make you feel like there won’t be a second date, and an uncomfortable mattress on a squeaky bed can ruin good sex, adequate sleep, and all the things that come in between.

Whether it’s a casual hookup or something more serious, you don’t want sex on the first date to be mediocre. You want it to be so great that people will keep coming back!

If you want to improve your bed game, spend some time finding the right mattress to make your date feel comfortable and at home. Its high quality will make you look like you’re someone who knows a good sleep and a good one nightstand as well.


Dating is not an easy game. It’s not only about finding the right person, but also about all the factors in between: whether you can keep up the conversation, whether you’re physically and mentally compatible, and, finally, whether your time in bed together is “just fine” or maybe absolutely amazing.

Since dating is already quite complicated as it is, don’t make it harder for yourself. Think about your bed like a magnet for a potential partner, which can say something about you and inevitably attract a person to you.

Are you still sleeping alone? Keep on looking, smile a lot, and for sure, you will find a bed buddy in no time. Good luck!

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    In my opinion, if you want to have sex on the first date – you can have it! Come on, it’s 2022 now! The main rule is to feel comfortable and safe. Often from the first sex – a serious relationship started.Good luck!

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