Why is indoor air quality essential?

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Whenever the word pollution comes up, we often think of pollutants found outside, whether in the water, air, or land. However, the quality of air indoors is very imperative to our daily lives. This article will focus on what you need to know about indoor air quality standards in Baltimore.

The value breathing quality fresh air

Most people in Baltimore spend most of their lives indoors- either at the office, home, or other buildings. Gas and other air pollutants in these buildings can cause allergies, fatigue, and headaches. Some serious air pollutants can bring about long-term complications and certain cancer types.

A fresh air exchange system can come in handy in preventing complications like asthma which affect about 25 million people every year. Some of the indoor air pollutants are:

Combustion pollutants

Some of the gases emitted include nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. These gases find their way to your house or office from poorly vented burning apparatus like gas stoves, water heaters, space heaters, and fireplaces. It’s imperative to consider air conditioning repair services to safeguard the health of your loved ones or employees.


Second-hand smoke can cause asthma and also increases the exposure to ear infections in infants. Smoke may also cause infant death syndrome.


The substance is the second leading cause of lung diseases. The substance may enter your home through poorly sealed openings and cracks.

How can we improve indoor air quality?


Advancing to service providers rather than hardware suppliers

HVAC companies can implement solutions that come with environmental intelligence rather than just delivering purchased HVAC systems. Offering advice and regular maintenance services may provide value as well without compromising on your indoor air quality.

Moving to service providers in the HVAC industries may help to:

  • Minimize costs and administration efforts since customers can purchase subscriptions via sophisticated cloud solutions. Customers don’t have to call for HVAC repair services whenever their HVAC fails to operate. The service provider will have a diagnostic solution and offer regular maintenance services.
  • Activate a holistic intelligence service for your building for a specified period.

Automating HVAC systems based on available environmental data

Outdoor pollution varies from region to region and minute to minute. With automated HVAC systems, you don’t have to spend time turning your air conditioner on and off. The system may also inform the occupants if it’s ideal for opening or closing windows or when to start the HVAC system.

With intelligent air quality controllers, you are assured of sufficient air quality since they automate the performance of the HVAC to operate depending on the conditions outside and the environmental data collected by the integrated sensors. This ensures that the air exchange between t6he exterior and interior isn’t engaged when there is excessive outdoor pollution.

Optimizing air filters and HVAC replacement strategies

Using a fixed schedule for air conditioning repair services may deliver substandard results. Most of the time, the HVAC system is replaced too late or too early. With environmental intelligence strategies, you can track the concentration of pollutants over a period and take a record of airspeed and other weather conditions.

The information collected can make homeowners switch from fixed HVAC servicing to demand-driven HVAC replacement and maintenance strategy. This optimizes each unit rather than the inefficient, traditional way, which only focuses on the problem.

Balancing between energy efficiency and indoor air quality

While refreshing any percentage of the air indoors, you may be letting in other pollutants. Everyone intends to have a 100% degree of air freshness indoors. However, achieving this may be not easy since most HVAC systems are not designed for this degree of air quality, thus creating the need to have a balance between energy efficiency and health. Focusing on energy efficiency is no longer sustainable.

There are new certifications to ensure buildings remain energy efficient without compromising on indoor air quality.

Latest scientific advancements have changed the perception about indoor air quality

In recent years, people have changed how they think about indoor air quality, thanks to research and technological advancements. A study conducted by Syracuse University has revealed that indoor air quality affects the brains of employees.

The research involved building a laboratory and fitting it with an advanced ventilation system. They later introduced high levels of VOCs and CO2 within the lab and invited workers to perform their regular jobs for a few weeks. The research revealed that the employees’ cognitive abilities increase by 101% due to the advanced ventilation systems.

Signs that you need an HVAC repair

Warm Air

Check out your thermostat when you feel warm air blowing out of your vents. Make sure you switch it in a cooling mode lower than the current temperature of your home. If the issue persists, the problem may be a result of a faulty compressor.

The best approach to handle this issue is calling for heating repair Baltimore MD services. Instead of trying DIY fixes that might ruin the entire system. After all, the system is complex and requires professional attention.

Frequent cycles

Air conditioners are designed to have a regular cooling cycle regardless of the weather. While you can expect the air conditioner to start often during the hot summer climate, it’s not supposed to cycle on and off frequently.

If you notice constant cycles, there are many HVAC companies Baltimore to offer air conditioner repair services. An air conditioner fix may resolve the regular cycling cycle and suggest that you need to get a new air conditioner.

Bad odors

A foul odor is another sign that you need to fix your HVAC system. Fortunately, HVAC repair services with a professional repair company can come in handy to clean and tune-up your air conditioner.

It would be best if you also consider using UV lamps to eliminate the growth of microorganisms on your air conditioner. Cleaning the duct can also solve lousy odor problems.

Unusual noises

It’s usual for your air conditioner to make a low-level noise when starting or closing it down. However, random and sudden noises may reveal issues with the cooling system. Buzzing or rattling noises can signal for loose parts, while whistling noise can indicate significant problems.

You can’t solve some of these issues without the help of a professional. Seeking an HVAC repair Baltimore will help detect the problem and have a diagnostic solution that will keep your office or home cool with a sufficient supply of air quality indoors.

Insufficient flow of air

Insufficient airflow is a sign that you need an air conditioner fix. It also shows that there might be a blockage preventing air from flowing through the ductwork. A faulty motor or clogged air filter is the first thing to check.

If poor airflow is a common issue in your office or home, investing in an energy recovery ventilator could be the go-to solution. The ventilator can boost your conditioner with the ability to exchange state air with fresh air during each system cycle. A zoning system may also help your ventilator ensure you get the right cooling power and ambiance where and when you need it most.

Final Words

In a world where outdoor pollution is the order of the day, improving indoor air quality is a decision that requires the help of a professional. In case you notice issues with your HVAC system, always seek HVAC repair Baltimore MD services.