Raj Girn Proving that Experience Pays Dividends if You’re in It for the Long Haul

Who says you can’t have it all? Certainly not Raj Girn, a world-traveled, self-made entrepreneur with two ultra-successful and seasoned brands. Girn, British-born with Indian heritage, has lived on three continents but settled in Toronto, Canada, where she happens to be living her dream and crushing it as a single mom.

Girn’s resume hardly has room to tout all of her roles, including multi-award-winning media and events entrepreneur, brand strategist, marketing consultant, confidence coach, No. 1 best-selling author, and entertainment personality.

But Girn has been grinding out her spot at the top of her niche for two decades now, having accidentally fallen into media in 2002, fresh out of a divorce. Experience matters and her reputation speaks for itself, as Girn is a widely recognized expert in niche branding, media, marketing, and public relations. Her clientele has consisted of a vast array of globally recognized brands, including P&G, L’Oréal Paris, Diageo, GoDaddy, Huawei, and many more.

Raj Girn (Courtesy photo from What’s App)

Celebrities also flock to Girn for the meaningful and carefully curated exposure. Priyanka Chopra, Freida Pinto, Rohan Oza, Manjit Minhas, Robin Sharma, Lilly Singh, and more, have been privy to Girn’s experience and know-how, having worked with her for her media and event properties. Probably best known as an innovative visionary, Girn has an unmatched ability to create opportunities that bring brands, celebrities, media, and communities together. So why is this skill so imperative? Because for those who have the rare ability to create experiences that benefit all stakeholders, like Girn does, their authority and reputation precedes itself.

Girn is also the founder of two long-standing, niche brands: Anokhi Life and Open Chest. Anokhi Life, formerly known as Anokhi Media, is a seasoned and highly-targeted, multimedia, multi-platform brand that has exploded into various sub-brands that include print publications, online blogs, glamorous events, and a weekly radio show on Dash Radio.

Anokhi Life specializes in incorporating media, events, social, and e-marketing, to target the North American South Asian community with B2B and B2C properties. This venture has led to numerous successful campaigns with A-list celebrities and multinational corporations, working collaboratively in many unique and innovative directions, some of which include the many Anokhi Life sub-brands generated from Girn’s acute ability to hone in on what matters to the community.

For example, Anokhi Magazine is a well-established online blog and community that focuses on pop culture, lifestyle, work life, and entertainment. Additionally, the annual Anokhi List showcases globally successful South Asians from all walks of life, and the Anokhi Awards honors these successes with the attendance of some of today’s most celebrated South Asian personalities.

And there’s more, like the Anokhi Prestige Experience, which is a boutique trade show/live seminar series that mixes education and entertainment in day-long event experiences. Three video shows are Anokhi Pulse TV (entertainment) and Anokhi Spotlight TV (lifestyle), and Anokhi Uncensored (talk radio show).

Her other long-running brand is Open Chest, which started off as a celebrity interviews platform, where Girn has interviewed personalities that include Kim Kardashian, Dita Von Tesse, Nichole Scherzinger, and Nelly Furtado, and many others. As with Anokhi Life, Open Chest has expanded into sub-brands.

The Open Chest Confidence Academy is a boutique coaching, consulting, and mentorship business with various programs that lie under three categories: Learn From Us, Work With Us, and Network With Us. Within these categories, Girn provides products and services in 11 areas of her extensive expertise: Clearing & Healing; Mindset & Clarity; Goals, Milestones, Tasks Setting; Identity & Image; Branding & Story-telling; Media & Presentation Skills; Communications Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Networking Strategy; Holistic Leadership; Creating Community & Advocacy.

Two decades of experience have certainly carved out a place for Raj Girn that is all her own, with a combined social media network in excess of 1 million fans and a newsletter community of over 100,000 members. She has also contributed a poignant chapter to the No. 1 international best-selling book 365 Empowering Stories called “Uncomfortable on Purpose” and has been featured in two coffee table books and a feature-length documentary.

Over the years, Raj has been a strong advocate for supporting numerous causes through her companies and personally. These have included Doctors Without Borders, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canfar, Free-Them, and the Aga Khan Foundation, to name a few. It is clear that Raj Girn is not slowing down anytime soon, and why would she — now that she has paved her own way, she is getting ready to help others do the same.