Who should the Ravens pick in the upcoming draft? 

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Depending on the players the Ravens pick, you will see a different impact on their performance in new games. After the end of their season, the Ravens have pick number 22 for the upcoming NFL draft, and that means they will not be getting the first pick of the top players. If you are planning to place a bet on the players picked by the NFL draft, then you will want to have an idea of the potential options available to the Ravens.

The Needs of the Team

When it comes to the Baltimore Ravens, they need to focus on building their team around their star player, Lamar Jackson. Since they need to focus on building a team that strengthens the skills of Jackson, the primary goal of the draft picks should focus on their offensive line. The team needs a running back with the right skills to handle the backfield.

Although the team needs a running back, they also need to focus on their offensive and defensive line. It would not be surprising if the draft brought in a linebacker. While Jackson will need to improve his passing skills, it is important that he has the right defense to give him time to make a pass.

Potential Opportunities

Although the team has multiple concerns to address during the off-season, they have opportunities available during the draft to address the current problems. It would not be surprising to see them focus on finding new talent in different areas.

Kelvin Harmon from NC State may be an option for a new wide receiver. The young player has excellent footwork and skills on the field and has shown that he can catch 1000-yard passes. He is one of the best players in his class and would be a good choice for the Ravens.

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson from Florida may be another choice for the team. Despite his rocky 2017 season, he stepped up in the latest season and showed that he has versatility on the field that will work well with the Ravens’ goals for upcoming seasons.

The Baltimore Ravens may also benefit from working with Devin White from LSU. His athleticism and his defensive skills make him a solid choice to play in a middle position.

Placing Your Bets

The challenge with NFL betting tips for draft picks is the order of the picks. The Ravens are at number 22, so they are not getting the first choice on potential players. Since the players they may be considering can end up on another team before they are able to pick in the draft, the team will need a few names in mind for their pick. When you are placing your bets, you will want to focus on players who are more likely to still be available when the Ravens make their decisions. That will increase your chances of winning your bets.

The Ravens will need to focus on building up their team with a focus on addressing their current weaknesses in their offensive and defensive skills. By clarifying potential draft picks, you can narrow down your options before placing a bet. The key is focusing on the solid players who may be overlooked at first glance.