Where to Play BlackJack Online for Free in 2019

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Blackjack is one of those games that you cannot play on your own. What we mean is that you cannot get a deck of cards and play it alone. You need a casino to deal the cards, either online or land-based. But even if you have access to both, blackjack is a fast-paced card game that will deplete your bankroll faster than you can calculate the value of your cards.

As such, your best option is to play it for free and practice until you feel confident that your decisions will yield wins by the time you bet real cash. But where can you find free blackjack games in 2019?

Online Review Websites

Online casino review sites are a great place to start. Most of them offer a demo version of the entertainment module being reviewed. A bonus if you use this method is that these sites usually also provide tons of tips and tricks to improve your skills.

One expectation you should have when playing in these sites is that you will be inundated by advertisements. You should not consider this as a nuisance but instead, try to understand that you are bargaining internet space in exchange of a freebie. Besides, these advertisements are not obtrusive. They will not block your view off the screen, and they will not pause your gameplay.

Online review websites typically focus on slot machines. But here and there, you will find one that has no bias against any game. If you do, use the opportunity to practice. The demo versions will also let you click on an area where you can find the rules and payouts. Since the game has many variants, you must read these instructions, so you know what to expect once you play for real.

Mobile Apps

Today, there are hundreds of casino games in mobile apps, all of which are free. These games are not gambling versions or counterparts of what you will see in online casinos. They are entertainment modules that use credits or fake money.

The advantage of playing free on your mobile is that most of these games do not need an online connection. Many of these apps only need to be installed. There are also may blackjack variants that you can choose from. They also have clear instructions and payout tables.

There are two disadvantages to this method. The first one is that there can be tons of advertisements. The worst thing that can happen is to have an advertisement pop up every other game. This can be an infuriating experience. You can only prevent this if you buy the full version of the game.

The other disadvantage is that you have limited chips or credits. Once you lose, you can only replenish your stack by watching ads, waiting for a new day to begin, by which time the system will give you a fresh stack, or by buying more chips using real cash.

You need to buy chips because this is how the game developer earns money.

Game Developer Websites

Your last option to play it for free is to visit the website of software developers. Many of them offer the demo version of blackjack. The rules and payouts are the same with the live version, albeit the currency and bet limits are not.

The advantage of playing on a software developer’s website is you get to experience the game in the same way real money players do. The reason you will find different currencies and bet limits is that casino operators impose a limit on their own. They also approve only the currencies that they want to work with.

But apart from these two, the mechanics are the same.

Another advantage when you play at the developer’s site is that there are no advertisements. And even if you run out of chips, you just need to refresh your browser.

And speaking of browsers, you need to be constantly online while playing. Also, there is no continuity to your game. Once you close that browser, do not expect your winnings or chip stacks to be the same if you come back to it tomorrow. You will always start with a fresh slate.


Free games have their pros and cons. As a player, you should decide what suits you the most. Since the games are free, there will always be some marketing mechanisms involved, and you need to deal with these marketing strategies, even if they are obtrusive. What you need to look forward to is the number of skills you will learn as you go along.

As you make mistakes in these free games, you are improving your decision-making skills. By the time you play with real cash, you are less likely to lose because you know the rules and the odds. During the real cash games, you should already have developed a strategy that works best for you.