What to Expect on a Visit to Victoria Falls

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Victoria Falls is one of the premier destinations in Southern Africa. The falls are on the Zambezi River which runs between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Known to the local population as Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates to, the smoke that thunders Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls on earth, known internationally as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The falls were discovered by David Livingstone in 1855 on a visit to Africa and named after Queen Victoria

The sheer size of Victoria Falls is incredible, over a mile wide and well over 100 metres tall, the falls send plumes of spray into the sky which rise into the upper atmosphere. The noise the falling water makes can be heard many miles away.

Victoria Falls are a significant attraction for Zambia and Zimbabwe with significant footfall and income for both countries.

Here are a few of the visual delights and experiences that you may be treated to on a visit to the falls.

The Devil’s Pool

The Devil’s pool is an exhilarating swimming experience that should only be tried as part of a guided group. A pool is created right at the edge of the falls in August and lasts into the New Year. It is created by falling water levels and gives visitors the chance to swim in very close proximity to the falls. Those seeking an adrenaline rush will not be disappointed, only consider doing this if there are guides available to ensure you stay safe and have fun.

Victoria Falls Lunar Rainbow

If the conditions are right, Victoria Falls offers a visual spectacle created when the light from the moon hits the particles of mist given off by the tumbling water and refracts it into a spectacular lunar rainbow. Often on a full moon, the park is open for visitors to experience these phenomena first-hand. Obviously wandering around at night on your own is not a good idea, so this activity is best done in a guided group and can be achieved in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. If you join a group, be ready and willing to take safety seriously and wear the high-visibility clothing provided.

Victoria Falls Bridge Bungee Jump

Victoria Falls bridge was constructed in 1905 and spans the River Zambezi. The bridge is now part of the recreational facilities on offer within the falls area. One way to ensure you have a unique view of the falls and a strong adrenaline rush is to take part in a bungee jump. The jump involves being tethered to the bridge by a long elasticated rope and simply jumping off. This is as exhilarating and terrifying as it sounds and certainly isn’t for everyone. But for those that do, the shrieks of their voices as they jump can be heard as they fall and experience the adrenaline rush associated with jumping from a bridge some 130 meters in the air. The falls provide the visual backdrop for the jump only adding to the excitement and experience on offer. This is obviously an activity for those seeking a thrill and are willing to comply with the very necessary safety procedures.

A Walking Tour Of The Victoria Falls

One of the best ways to experience the falls is to take the approximately 2-mile walk that encompasses 16 different viewpoints along its route. This will ensure you get up close to the falls and see their beauty from the best places along the way. You should allow a generous 2 hours if you are walking with a guide, or possibly 3 hours if you are walking on your own. You will get wet with spray on the walk and be immersed in the ambience of the falls as you wander through the misty trail. A guided tour will reveal some of the fascinating histories of Victoria Falls.

A Helicopter Tour Of The Victoria Falls

For the best in breath-taking photo opportunities and a view of the falls second to none, a helicopter tour of the falls will never disappoint. The helicopter tour will give you a unique view of the Zambezi river as it pushes relentlessly onward between countries. Its swelling turbulent waters are clearly visible and the power of the falls can in some ways be best seen and understood from the air.

Take An Elephant Safari

The surroundings of Victoria Falls offer a close-up elephant experience, one where the majestic animals carry you through the vegetation and parks surrounding the falls. Obviously, this is a strictly guided tour and the animals are under the watchful care of their keepers. Their pace is steady and being elevated from ground level the views are fantastic. These are wild animals, so don’t be surprised if they randomly stop to chew on some vegetation or take a well-needed drink.

If you’re considering a trip to this part of the world then researching what to do on a  Victoria Falls safari and getting that booked into your holiday itinerary is highly recommended.