What is Hot and What is Not

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

In the fast-paced world of fashion, it’s easy to lose track of what-to-wear and what-not-to-wear. Yesterday’s hip outfit can quickly become tomorrow’s fashion meltdown. This year has been a hodgepodge of trends that borrow from several decades spanning back to the ’70s, and borrowing trends from the ghosts of fashion’s past can be risky business. Following these tips can help ensure you won’t be getting a ticket from the fashion police.


What to wear: Neon

Becoming big in the ’80s, neon comes and goes in the fashion world, but this year it’s here to stay. While neon can definitely add a certain pop to your outfit, it’s best to avoid using it monochromatically. Nobody wants to look like a traffic cone.

What not to wear: Tropical prints

Designer David Meister says that although tropical prints can be pulled off, it has to be done correctly and most people fail to do this. He suggests it’s better to avoid the design altogether. If you want to get your flower fix it’s probably better to stick with elegant floral patterns for this season.


What to wear: Anything high-waisted

High-waisted bottoms came into popularity in the ’70s and it’s a look that’s making a huge comeback. Whether it’s denim, synthetic, or adorned with unusual patters, high-waisted pants can complete many outfits. Bonus: they’re versatile for both formal and informal events.

What not to wear: Bike shorts

Bike shorts gained a lot of traction with the rise of Athleisure and were sported by some of the most revered fashionistas like Princess Diana. Unfortunately, Athleisure is starting to fall out of fashion, and bike shorts should remain in the closet until they become fashionable again. Breathable leggings can make a fine, trendy, substitute.


What to wear: Voluminous Blouses

After being locked in quarantine for several months, nothing sets you quite as free as a light and airy top. Button downs, crop tops, and low collar shirts can all rock this elegant look. Combined with a floral pattern or neutral tones, this can be a look that will last well into the fall.

What not to wear: Anything with Shoulder Pads

Although once trendy, shoulder pads hearken back to the age where women were just starting to enter the business world and needed a way to look tough and authoritative. It’s 2020, women can be strong and powerful without needing to emulate men. Instead, wear something that displays your natural physique. You can look both powerful and stylish.


What to wear: Heels with Straps

It’s not impossible to find comfortable heels despite what many people think. The 2020 Fall Fendi runway was filled with strapped high heels that came in every shape and color. Bringing attention to your feet with trendy heels can be a good way to show off your ankle bracelets, which are also making a comeback.

What not to wear: Platform Heels

While they’re certainly showy, platform heels should stay relegated to overly bourgeoisie events. They can make you stand out, but the fall 2020 trend seems to be headed more so down a path of subtlety and neutrality. While they may seem appropriate for some occasions, it’s better to just keep them in your closet for now.

In fashion, nothing is set in stone; it is subjective by its very nature. What looks incredible to one person might be something to avoid at all costs to another. What matters the most is that the styles you use blend well together, and for help with that you can always try using clothing subscriptions for women. Otherwise, trust your instincts, and when you’re unsure, you can use these simple tips for guidance.